With his porn debut seemingly in limbo, Chris Crocker is giving legitimate film another go, pairing with actress Maria Conchita Alonso and Dante’s Cove star Charlie David in a new unnamed comedy from Scenes from a Gay Marriage director Matt Riddlehoover.

An IndieGoGo campaign launched recently for the bilingual flick, which concerns a gay couple whose relationship is threatened by the intrusion of off-kilter friends and relatives.

Two men – a Venezuelan med student (Enrique Sapene) and an American actor-turned-massage therapist (Matt Riddlehoover) – meet and fall in love. They begin living together in a quaint West Hollywood apartment, along with their fitness guru roommate (Cesar D’ La Torre). On the eve of their one-year anniversary, the Venezuelan’s aunt (María Conchita Alonso) unexpectedly shows up. She’s a wreck, in the middle of a very difficult time, and expects to stay until she’s back on her feet.

To complicate matters further, the Venezuelan’s mother (Alonso, in a dual role) flies in for an extended stay. She’s old fashioned, God-fearing, and outwardly disapproves of her son’s sexuality. Understandably, the couple’s flame begins to dwindle. Hoping to rekindle their relationship, they head Southeast to a property where the American spent his childhood. However, they are unaware that his unemployed brother (Charlie David) currently occupies the house with a group of misfit friends.

There’s one who’s reeling from a recent gay bashing (Chris Crocker), and another who’s hysterical from an unwanted pregnancy (Thashana McQuiston). Meanwhile, the brother – who is also gay – finds himself caught between romantic entanglements (Jonathan D. Lovitz and Josey Greenwell). During a storm-induced power outage, the couple must decide what’s most important… their relationship, families, or individual sanity!

According to the film’s creators, shooting will begin in the spring. Half of the film will be shot in Los Angeles, while the other half will be shot in the mountains of Hiawassee, GA, and on the waterfront in Charleston, SC.


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