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Chris Kluwe Returns To Destroy NFL Owner For Making Huge Donation To Antigay Campaign

chris_kluwe3Are you not aware that trans individuals are nine times more likely to try and kill themselves due to the odiously corrosive social views like the one you’ve just financially enabled? Have you no knowledge of the fact that LBGT youth are far more likely to experience harassment at school and home, leading to depression and ideations of self-harm?—?mostly due to the shortsighted wrongheadedness of privileged narcissists like yourself?”


Former pro-footballer Chris Kluwe, in an explosive open letter to Houston Texans owner Bob McNair over his $10,000 donation to the Campaign for Houston, an anti-LGBT group working to ensure HERO, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, does not pass — read the full letter here


H/t: The New Civil Rights Movement