Chris Kluwe Reveals His Geeky Side (And His Body) To “Out” Magazine

“It’s definitely influenced the way I think… You look at all the sci-fi utopias, and, pretty much in every single one, the basic underlying philosophy is that people treat each other the way they want to be treated and there’s freedom to be who you are. What brings these utopias crashing down is the fact that one group tries to take control of another, and I think that’s very applicable to any sort of human or civil rights campaign.”

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, on how his love of gaming and science fiction has influenced his outspoken support of marriage equality, in Out Magazine.


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  • MikeE

    he doesn’t necessarily have the prettiest face, but dammit, an intelligent man is SO freaking sexy.

    (and of course, he does have a beautiful athlete’s body)

    But he is an absolute joy to listen to in interviews. He’s funny, he’s witty, and incredibly intelligent.

  • Cam

    It’s a great point, and you can use it on today’s politicians.

    When has Mitt Romney, or somebody like Sarah Palin, etc… done anything or advocated anything in the past several years that was to help people?

  • balehead

    He’s confidently masculine and that is still the standard of hawt….

  • balehead

    Oops! And he is also heroic….another hawt standard!!

  • D P

    Okay, roll call! Who here had to catch their breath once their browser rendered the pics of Kluwe?

    What a man!

  • D P

    Oh, I forgot to add: don’t you just love that hint of the ‘Adonis Belt’?

  • pscheck2

    only the very tip of a good size iceberg! According to the gossip columns, there are far more important icons, in the sports, who are pegged, gay (or at least bi) and if they find the courage to come ‘out’ it will shake up the sports world to the core! Some are married and some have SO’s, but they still dally with the boys!

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