Christian Group Appealing London Transport’s Refusal To Run Ex-Gay Bus Ad

gaybusad Christian groups are angry at London mayor Boris Johnson for refusing to run advertisements promoting reparative therapy on city buses.

But Johnson counters the ads, produced by the Core Issues Trust, are offensive and could potentially spark retaliation against Christians. He’s not wrong: The posters said “Not Gay! Ex-Gay, Post-Gay and Proud. Get over it!”

They were produced in response to a Stonewall campaign that had banners readings “Some people are gay. Get over it!” on buses.

Members of thee trust are going to court, claiming the refusal abridges their right to free speech. The High Court will review the decision, made by Transport for London, on Thursday.

“This is all about being free to talk about these issues,” says ex-gay activist Mike Davidson. “It was a mistake to assume these views we were expressing came from entrenched homophobia, and failed to recognize that people who want to walk away from their homosexual feelings are a group in their own right.”

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  • 2eo

    Like homoeopathic cancer recovery, Ex-Gay doesn’t exist and there is no proof or evidence despite hundreds of millions and studies by everyone everywhere.

    Gay people do exist.

    It’s a simple answer to a very dumb complaint.

  • Chad Hunt

    OMG … STOP IT! @2eo: , That is actually twice now we have agreed on something. Surely, if it happens again, the third time will be the charm and the world will cease from existence. BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID.

    This mayor should cite numerous studies and consult with the American Psychological Association, as how this type of therapy is damaging and dangerous to people and also cite the new law in CA banning this practice.

  • alexoloughlin

    @Chad Hunt: The BPA (British Psychological Association) official policy ias that ex-gay therapy is dangerous. I dare say Boris Johnson will counter their false claims with the evidence. These christian nutters won’t win. There hasn’t been one legitimate study, at least nothing in the social sciences literature that can support their fallacious claims, not one.

  • AS

    Boris can do what he feels like, there is no “Freedom of Speech” in the UK.

  • Gotjee

    @2eo: About homeopathic or alternative cancer treatments; yes it does you fucking imbecile. If you ever get cancer, I wish you the best of luck spending your life savings to the last penny on invasive chemo that will ruin your body with no guarantee that it won’t actually cause new cancers. Just because you have been brainwashed by big pharma into believing that any alternative therapy is either a scam or hippies throwing herbs around doesn’t mean you should spread your ignorance. I actually KNOW people who opted not to get zapped into oblivion just to be indebted for life when there have been cheaper, more efficient and natural cures (for certain cancers at least) around for more than a hundred years. And guess what? They got better. So don’t use the subject as a corroboration for your other statement, which is correct.

  • 2eo

    @Gotjee: You know what “Alternative Medicine” is called when IT IS PROVEN TO WORK. That’s right it’s called “Medicine”.

    These and the countless other people who suffer through lying charlatans like yourself, people who are devoid of self worth and suck the life from suffering people, the worst people on the planet, bar nobody.

    I know people who believe in god and ghosts and fairies, and they can swear all day long on whatever relations grave but that doesn’t mean they’re not full of shit.

  • swoeck

    OK back to being gay, I like it that is how God made me one way or another. So get over it people. I also believe that my relationship with God rather gay or straight is between God nad me so quit judging and start loving and giving grace as that is what God/ Jesus is about. The only people know that Jesus gave warnings too were the religious zealots of the time. We Christian’s rather gay or straight should love and be known for that not the stupid bullshit of creating enemies.

  • Sohobod

    London Mayor, Boris Johnson, is a member of the Conservative party. Just goes to show how backward the American Right is.

    Re 2eo’s comments on homeopathic cancer treatment. Just for once, he is absolutely right.

  • jwrappaport

    @2eo: Don’t get me started on homeopathy and alternative medicine. I say to anyone who favors alternative medicine: next time your car breaks down, go to an alternative mechanic. Wait – they don’t exist because it’s a ridiculous proposition that no one would entertain for a single moment. And yet, people do for their own health.

    Alternative is code for unproven (at best) and disproven (at worst): some of the treatments may work, but there is simply not enough evidence to support them as a matter of course thus, the only responsible position is non-belief absent further justification. Think Steve Jobs: highly operable islet cell carcinoma, but his cancer metastasized because he was content to eschew conventional treatment and instead drink carrot juice and go vegan.

    Have you seen Homeopathic A&E with Mitchell and Webb?

  • 2eo

    @jwrappaport: One of these cancer fuckers got into the head of my nana when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She died in agony because their ideas and treatments do not work.

    My older brother beat the fuck out him and his wife, and smashed up their car. I destroyed their credit rating, had their house repossessed and had the man put on the sex offenders register.

    I will never forgive these people for the suffering they inflict, ever.

  • Billysees

    Christianity promotes some of the greatest ideals the world has ever known.

    Love your neighbor for example, plus other goodies.

    But it can also produce misleading things too.

    The NT promotes faith healing.

    Many have suffered and even died needlessly cause of this.

    How can such good and evil stuff coexist from the same religion ?

    That’s for another conversation.

    Ex-gay stuff is similar if not identical to faith healing.

    If your sick with disease and recover, the obvious evidence of such can justify that kinda faith.

    But how do you prove or give evidence that ex-gay is important ?

    Why publicly allow or promote something that can confuse and hurt others ?

    Why promote faith healing in a very public way ?

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