Christian Nutjob Peter LaBarbera Warns Boy Scouts Of “Boy-On-Boy-Homosexual Promotion,” “Homosexualization”

PeterLabarberadouchePeter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality is turning heads this week with some rather colorful opinions on the Boy Scouts of America’s recent efforts to appease the LGBT community. Outraged by a new policy that would allow gay youth to openly serve in the Boy Scouts, LaBarbera warned the nation in an interview with Christian talk show Crosstalk that the new policy will “homosexualize the scouts.”

We wonder how he feels about the “closeted” troupe leaders the organization is totally fine with? Is it okay to homosexualize scouts, so long as nobody can tell they’re gay?

He also thinks the “pro-homosexual” agenda will cause the Boy Scouts’ numbers to plummet. Do you think he knows they already are, as a direct result of the discriminatory policy?

He continues:

We have to remember that boy-on-boy homosexual promotion is also dangerous. I don’t think any parent wants a boy coming in talking about his openly gay lifestyle. We know from homosexual activism — I’ve been witnessing it for over twenty years — the sorts of things that are espoused in homosexuality are not morally straight. A lot of times you are seeing young people mimicking the sort of immoral things they see in the adult homosexual world. We simply don’t want homosexuality in the scouts in any way.

What’s more, LaBarbera had a kiki with an equally douchey caller later in the show, who also believes homosexuality “leads to the collapse of society.”

Someone needs to teach these folks the correct way to boost ratings. Keep flapping your jaw like that, Mr. LaBarera, and we just may give you two Douche of the Week ribbons. Double douche!

Check out the full interview on Right Wing Watch

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