Christian teacher: Enrolling gay kids in faith school is like buying house under flight path

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A former teacher and Christian campaigner made a bizarre analogy to explain why he has little sympathy for kids who realize they are gay whilst attending an evangelical school.

There’s currently a big political controversy going on in Australia around what faith schools can and can’t do, particularly concerning how they treat LGBTQ students.

The topic has made headlines in recent days after it emerged one particular college demanded parents sign a form promising that their kids would not be gay or trans if attending the institution.

One of those on the side of evangelical schools is former teacher and Christian campaigner Greg Bondar, NSW director of FamilyVoice Australia.

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In an interview with Australia’s ABC network today, Bondar was asked about kids who realize they are gay only after enrolling at a school. Should they be excluded?

“No [but] the point is it’s like me buying a house under the flight path, it’s pointless me arguing two years late that there’s too much noise, I chose to do that.”

Interviewer Patricia Karvelas pointed out it’s usually parents who decide upon a school, not the child. Bondar went on to say you show “every compassion to that child”, but the kid must abide by the school’s rules: “It’s the difference between what you claim to be and what you practice.”

Bondar went on to shoot down numerous studies that have found LGBTQ kids face greater mental health challenges during their school years than their heterosexual peers, and are more likely to consider suicide.

“That research is skewed and it’s meant to give the results that they want,” he claimed.

“If a person is gay, fine, but don’t start expressing your sexuality or gender identity that is in conflict with the school’s ethos.”

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In 2018, the government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledged to outlaw religious discrimination. However, since then, there has been a battle between religious groups and legislators to include exemptions. This includes allowing schools to prioritize the hiring of staff with the beliefs and to exclude students who don’t follow the school’s faith-based rules: this includes gay and trans kids.

The issue came into sharp focus this week when it emerged that Citipointe Christian College, a Pentecostal school in Brisbane, demanded parents to sign an enrolment contract denouncing homosexuality and promising students would be banned from identifying as gay or transgender.

The proposed Australian anti-discrimination legislation will be debated on February 8.

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