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Christmas Shopping At Wal-Mart Means Browsing ‘Faggoty Vampire Books’ With Your Daughter

Shawn, the mostly anonymous father behind the website (which has a whole section devoted to “expos[ing] the LIES of the Filthy Homosexual Agenda), went Christmas shopping with his daughter at Wal-Mart. They visited the books section. And while we already knew the store stocked anti-gay parenting guides, little did we know it also has a whole shelf devoted to gay vampires. Somebody call the quality assurance department.

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  • Jay

    I can only feel sad for the people around this bastard, there’s nothing good in these kind of people’s mind or hearts, the word hate is all over their way of living and they propagate such behaviour … “I want daddy to shoot it and burn it with fire ” ??? … Someone should call social services, sociopaths shouldn’t be able to raise kids …


    Someone so very obsessed with all things Gay definatley has some mental health issues. If I were able to identify the home location of this scumbag I would dial protective social services in a heartbeat…………..

  • a

    Surprised they did not examine the Cosmopolitan and Tiger Beat issues behind them.

  • JR

    And morons like this are allowed to breed !!!!

  • mark c

    This was so disturbing it made me cry.
    Poor child to be raised by such a bigoted douche.
    Is there now way at all to get her away from his obscene clutches?

  • Yuriy

    HAHA in a way it is funny .. because that dude is the loser who is not able to tolerate things around him … sooner or later he will feel the results of his behaviour.

  • McMike

    As I suspected… You go to his website and you can easily see he’s the typical male homophobe:

    Overweight, unattractive, nerdy and repulsive.

    I’m sorry but when homophobic men like him, whom no gay man would ever want to have sex with, are the ones making the most fuss about gay guys then there’s is definitely a link between their unattractiveness and their homophobia.

  • saltydog

    What self respecting gay would shop at Walmart anyway?

  • bbg372

    I reported his blogger, vimeo, and youtube accounts for violating community guidelines.

  • Elro

    I love how he was all happy about the king james bible. The man that it is named after had sex with other men.

  • T.

    @bbg372: Is his youtube still up cause I want to fuck with it!

  • Tartuffe

    And father of the year award goes to………….?

  • badluckshadow13

    wow… was that his daughter in the background begging him to just let them go home?

  • John

    Poor lil’ girl. Oh not just for being forced to be part of this video, but for the bad experience she’s going to have when this loser gets busted for “toe-tapping” in a nearby local public restroom.

  • bbg372

    To report user OnKneesforJesus, please click Report Abuse and submit the form. For reference, here is the Blogger Content Policty.

    To report user OnKneesforJesus, please email [email protected] with your complaint. Please provide as much relevant information as possible. For reference, here are the Community Guidelines on Vimeo.

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  • Josh

    Checked out his website. This guy is a piece of work. Not only is he homophobic to the max, he’s also a WILD conspiracy theorist about all kinds of topics. I wish I could show his website to child protective services as proof that he has no business procreating.

  • thedarkchariot

    Wow. Just wow.

    The subtler issue here is that he isn’t even bashing “homosexuality” per se. He is condemning Twilight (whom, we as the gay community actually had problems with remember? With the whole Mormon overtones thing). I haven’t read Twilight, but it’s not like its a beacon of gay relationships – it doesn’t have any, from what I’m told. So firstly, sir, read the book.

    He isn’t just condemning being gay. He is condemning femininity. The pretty guys holding women on romance novels? Gay. (May I remind him, that they are caressing women?) Six-pack abs? Gay. Justin Bieber? Gay.

    It’s really…more sinister. It’s more restrictive than condemning just homosexuality. It’s damning and harmful to the section of boys/men that are straight, but are just fey. Or – the section of men that like to grooming. He is limiting gender expression and it’s…it’s just…sad.

    And this dude actually burns books? How about just returning them to the store next time? You can get your money back without setting the world back four centuries or so.

  • kernelt

    why should any of us bother with those pathetic people, for one thing they live in ignorant and away from society (in small towns, pointing out that most are in close gated community). Those we should worry about are those who to be entrusted with power and who decision can affect everyone else…
    My philosophy was to give no attention to the crumb of dirt and more to those who deserve such fame. But occasional exposure of ignorant and intolerant is necessary to educate and enlighten society, but not in this case… The person who posted this videos is only try to get attention of others so he can have fame.

  • samthor

    i really feel bad for the daughter.
    the guy is just pathetic.

  • Syl

    @saltydog: Well, we can’t all live in big cities. The nearest Whole Foods and Nordstroms’ are a 2 hr drive away!

  • Scott

    I feel so bad for that poor kid. Her own Father is pushing his disgusting misguided agenda on his kid at such a young age. Just PATHETIC!

  • Zzee

    This is my first time commenting, but I am actually a huge guilty pleasure reader of YA paranormal romance, and it’s about as heterosexual as it gets (most of it is written by Mormons, not just Twilight). Calling ANY book “fa**oty” is offensive, but calling these particular books “fa**oty” is not only offensive, but ridiculous and illogical and silly as well. All of these books contain very archetypal heterosexual male characters. The idea that a bigot could target these books as part of the “gay agenda” just goes to show that they will put their own spin on anything. If they tell you 2 x 1 = 2, check their f***ing figures.

  • Iknowofhim

    His home is in Surprise, AZ. He talks about spy cameras yet he has a camera outside his front door. I know because he videotaped me as i was walking up to his front door and posted it on you tube.

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