Chronic Hatemonger Randy Thomasson Calls Trans Man “Lady” On CNN

randy_thomasson_2Following the passing of California’s landmark bill giving added protection to transgender students, CNN invited two “experts” from both sides of the fence to discuss pros and cons of the new law.

It should have been a calm discussion between adults, but it turned out to be the furthest thing from it. That’s because CNN decided to invite Randy Thomasson, the President of hate group Save California, on the show again to spew the kind of misinformed nonsense that’s made him famous.

He appeared on last night’s edition of CNN Newsroom alongside Transgender Law Center’s Masen Davis. Both pundits had the opportunity to discuss specific rights the bill extended, including the rights of transgender students to use restrooms designated for the gender by which they identify, as well as the right to participate in sports confined to the gender by which they identify.

As expected, Thomasson spouted some garbage about “sexually confused” teens and other “sexual indoctrination” laws, but the worst of his blatant transphobia surfaced at the end of the interview when he told host Brooke Baldwin and Davis, a trans man, that it was “good to talk to you ladies.”

What is this, Fox News?

This isn’t Thomasson’s first strike, either. Media Matters has chronicled his past homophobic remarks and questions why CNN continues to invite him back to weigh in as an “expert” when his soapbox moments are filled with hate speech.

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