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  • afrolito

    He’s hot!….looks like he’s advertising a bottle of oxidized piss though.

  • ask ena

    I think he’s advertising AGAINST a bottle of oxidized piss…that’s the point.

  • Z reveals

    He is so my type

  • Sor Lujuriana

    My boyfriend looks hotter….

  • Miley Crisis

    Where have YOU been all my life?

  • Erick

    Now that what I call a silver fox, the Coop be damned.

  • Dan

    This is what I’m into – a really hot older guy! Thank you Queerty!!!

  • Dan

    Oh. It’s a public interest story about clean water. Sorry, got carried away…

  • rogue dandelion

    @Erick: how dare you

  • HANK

    I’ll second or third whoever said, this is SO my type. He beats The Coop, John Slattery, and Donny Deutsch when he was still hot.

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