Clinton, McCain Already on 2008 Trail

hillary clinton.jpegIn case you weren’t sure they were running for President in 2008, both John McCain and Hillary Clinton have already hit the campaign trail, amassing donations and political allies.

• Hillary Clinton has received the largest support of all Democratic hopefuls so far, already earning $20 million in political donations. And she has over two years to go. Clinton has long been of interest to the gay community, repeatedly speaking in favor of gay rights; and even though she recently announced her non-support of gay marriage, saying instead she favors “civil unions,” it’s these word plays that are really meant to placate critics of her long-standing support of gay rights.

john mccain 1.jpg• John McCain, who also hit the campaign recently, often angers his fellow Republicans with surprisingly-liberal views on issues of human rights (i.e., immigration reform, ban on torture), but then often swings to the far-right on other domestic policies. His views on gay topics is hard to measure, as he usually steers away from the topic; but he has taken a pro-gay stance on issues like the proposed federal ban on gay marriage, saying it is unnecessary and “un-Republican.”

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• We’ve already heard from Democratic hopeful Russel Feingold, who has announced his “full support” of issues like gay marriage. But Feingold doesn’t have the strong public image of Hillary Clinton, who has been favored to receive the nomination since 2000, when she proved she could win an election by landing a seat in the US Senate. There’s the chance that Feingold is running for President knowing he won’t win, but hoping to gain some public exposure and land a higher-profile position in the future. Which would be smart of him.

• It’s also important to note that Condoleezza Rice, the currently Secretary of State, will take over the Vice Presidency from Dick Cheney when he (most likely) retires before the end of this term–and Republicans will make sure Condi’s on the ticket as VP in 2008, to take away feminist votes from Hillary. Sneaky sneaky.

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