Is this clip of Piers Morgan his new rock bottom?

While it’s hard to pick a low point for British TV personality Piers Morgan, Wednesday’s show proved he can’t even endure a wee thimbleful of his own medicine.

The Good Morning Britain host stormed off the set of his own show after a co-host called him out on his relentless, negavie Meghan Markle coverage.

Weatherman Alex Beresford called Morgan “diabolical” as he fled from the broadcast.

The snowflake-esque walkoff came just after Beresford noted that Meghan and Prince Harry were treated poorly by the British press, including Morgan.

Beresford added that Morgan was once friendly with Markle, and that one of the reasons he’s always bashing her is because she cut him off.

Needless to say, the internet had strong reactions to witnessing a bully’s feathers get this easily ruffled to the point of throwing a fit.

“So Piers Morgan trashes a pregnant woman, bullies another one about the length of her skirt and storms off his own show upon the slightest criticism from a male colleague,” wrote Claudia Black on Twitter before asking, “Would HR care to weigh in on the source of toxicity in this workplace? How does this man have a job?”

Head of MetroUK Video Chris Rickett shared the clip, which instantly went viral.

Here’s how folks were responding: