Indeedy, it is getting better. A CNN/ORC poll released yesterday revealed that 54% of Americans believe same-sex marriage should be made legal. 42% still oppose the idea, but with the support at the highest levels since 2008, the news is a ray of sunshine warming our smiling faces through the storm clouds. (Forgive the cheese.) 73% of people polled aged 18-34 gave their support.

A few other interesting stats via Pink News:

Results also showed the question was one on which opinions were firmly held. Of the 54 percent support, 39 percent said they were “strongly” in favour, while 15 percent were in favour but “not strongly”.

Of those opposed to equal marriage rights between gay and straight couples, the figures were 34 percent and 9 percent respectively. Nearly three-quarters of Americans have strongly-held beliefs on the issue.

Less than a quarter, 23 percent, of Republicans supported marriage equality, compared with 70 percent of Democrats.

60 percent of people said they had a family member or close friend who was gay, compared with 45 percent in 2007.

58 percent do not believe sexual orientation can be changed, 34 percent said they thought it could.

ORC International conducted interviews with 1,009 adult Americans by telephone on May 29-31, 2012.

Sure, the division is still tight, but with pro-gay marriage support the highest it’s ever been there’s plenty to be grateful for, particularly during an election year. Even though many fights are still ahead of us, including all the religious vitriol unearthed on a daily basis, we should take a moment and think like Mama Cass:

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