Guess it didn’t matter that so many of you protested last night’s gay DNC fundraiser — the party still managed to rake in $1 million, up from last year’s count by some 250 large. And the event was full of lip service, most notable from our vice president. “I don’t blame you for your impatience,” said Joe Biden during his 20-minute speech to 180 guests that was part “look who I am!” and part “sorry we’ve been ignoring you.” He added: “I hope you don’t doubt the president’s commitment.” And with 50-ish protesters outside calling elected officials “gay Uncle Toms,” Biden made this promise to GLBTs: Our issues won’t be “delayed, put off or not end up on [Obama’s] plate” because of all the other crap he’s dealing with. Which would be so reassuring, if only the White House showed evidence it were true.

But just in case you thought Biden wasn’t hearing everyone outside (and on blogs like this one), he noted, “More importantly, I want thank you for being a critical – critical – voice for keeping the nation focused on the unfinished business of true equality for all of our people; and I know, and this administration knows, that we have so much more to do.”

So, uh, thanks for keeping the White House in check?

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