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  • Kieran

    That should motivate more closeted gay men to come out. Being compared to a “fairy princess”. I never heard of Mila, but she’s obviously clueless about the desire of most gay people to move away from the tired old negative stereotypes of the past.

  • Davey Wavey's Vagina Monologue

    I’ve never wanted to hit a woman before. Maybe the “fairy princess” in me thought it was ok for half a second.

    What a cunt.

  • alejandro

    ughhh. this was totaly taken out of context. if you actualy read the article you’d know she’s an amazing ally.

  • JR

    If I’m not mistaken, didn’t she play the role of “Jackie”, the spoiled rich brat on “the 70’s show”?

  • Pazmateo

    If we as gays hated on every girl who wanted to be best friends after meeting for 5 mintues because they watched Will and Grace or every girl who says she’s really a gay man inside, we would have no friends, ok? Lets lighten up a bit, she isn’t spewing hate like Ann Coulter or Bill O’Reilly. Can’t we cut her a break, it’s not like she said the F word.

  • globo

    @Alejandro I agree!

    You are totally misleading the story (same as many pseudo writers) she actually is an ally of the gay community. And get your facts straight, her character in Black Swan was NOT a lesbian.

    Now.. on the other hand I would like to ask gay men commenting here, why is it that gay men are “tired of hearing” this kind of comment? I’m a lesbian and I wouldn’t mind if a straight actor said he feels like a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

    I think the gay spectrum is really wide and fairy princess are part of it. Why think of this as an insult? We can show love to the butches, fairy, bears I don’t know… ALL OF US!

  • Owen

    wow..assholes galore here…

  • Kellye

    People in the queer community are the only oppressed minority I know that can find the gall to bitch when someone actually makes a point to show them support and solidarity.

    As for the “fairy princess” comment, I have always been lead to believe that label is a less-obnoxious synonym for “fag hag”, and has nothing to do with Kunis calling gay men “fairy princesses”.

    Seriously people, grow up.

  • globo

    @Owen: Passive aggression much?


  • Biff

    I’m a dyke trapped in a gay man’s body!

  • greenmanTN

    I’ve got to admit that the whole “gay man in a woman’s body” thing is really obnoxious. Various actresses and singers have said it at one time or another and while I’m sure they mean it to be supportive or complimentary, it’s just annoying.

    “Fairy princess” isn’t great but “fag hag” isn’t winning any prizes either, so no harm, no foul IMO.

    Mila Kunis seems like a good person though and she’s in more things than you think because she does a lot of voice work for animation, like the voice of Meg on “Family Guy.” She has the rep of a hard worker who doesn’t pull Diva fits and doesn’t have the, um, “exhaustion” problems that plague many younger actresses.

  • Marcus M.

    People don’t know who Mila Kunis is? Really?

    She didn’t say anything hurtful. Lighten up or else no one around us will.

  • KevinVancouver

    people people lets calm down ughhhhh

  • kurt

    READ OR POST THE WHOLE GOT DAMN ARTICLE BEFORE YOU PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT QUOTES TO USE. Please. Jeeeeebus, Mila is an awesome ally and if you read the whole thing you’ll understand what “fairy princess” means in context. Also, she was definitely not a lesbian in Black Swan. Gosh.

    Dear readers, does anybody know of any other gay-themed websites like this but without these pseudo writers that just so happen to pull everything out of context to abate their inner cynicism? Links and/or names would be awesomely great.

    Thanks thanks thanks :D

  • Charlie

    All right y’all, she’s on our side! It’s a lot less quotable for her to say “I’m basically a certain kind of gay man in no way exemplary of the totality of the gay community past and present trapped in a woman’s body.”

  • Max

    It’s pretty clear that the people at Queerty write this way to act as provocateurs, right? After reading the few choice sentences Queerty offered, along with the debate that’s followed, I’m way more interested in reading the actual article than I would have been had they simply posted the article in full. I give them credit for offering a good provocation, in (what I would imagine is) a knowingly sly way.

  • RomanHans

    Okay, you’re a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. Now explain all your farting.

  • adam

    Don’t care, I enjoy her.

  • Gary B.

    big deal. great actress. friend to gay community. any other commentary/opinions are just mental mastrubation IMHO…

  • Cam

    @Kellye: said..

    People in the queer community are the only oppressed minority I know that can find the gall to bitch when someone actually makes a point to show them support and solidarity.

    (((No Kelley, actually, I dare you to go find a group from ANY other minority where somebody says “Yeah, I’m exactly like you” that doesn’t get offended. Heck, a black mayoral candidate in Washington DC was questioned on whether he was black ENOUGH to run, so please don’t pretend that this is anything unusual))))

    then you said….As for the “fairy princess” comment, I have always been lead to believe that label is a less-obnoxious synonym for “fag hag”,

    ((((Only if you know a bunch of gay guys that love being called Fairys))))

    Ok, that said, I’ve always liked Kunis, and she is showing some amazing range especially in her latest movie “Black Swan”. But I think the problem is, this is the same stuff we’ve been hearing for decades and the time that the gay community got all warm and fuzzie because somebody compared themselves to us has been over for years and years, she just got the brunt of it.

  • Steve

    The community striving for tolerance and acceptance are the first ones to call this lady a cunt? Oh, the irony.

  • Scott

    Mila Kunis played Jackie on That 70’s Show. She lied about her age to get the role. She was underage at the time she was cast.

    She voices Meg on Family Guy.

  • Russell

    I’m just waiting for all the women who are “gay men in women’s bodies” to put their money where their mouth is, so to speak, and come out as trans.

  • Zzee

    @ Cam

    Agreed 100%.

    If a white guy came out tomorrow and said that he was a black man trapped in a white man’s body, blacks would be irked.

    If a black guy said he was a white guy trapped in a black man’s body, well, maybe whites wouldn’t care, but I think blacks would be very “WTF?”

    I knew someone who lived in New York for 6 months and decided that they were suddenly hip, and felt it necessary to tell me, a Jew, that they were a Jew trapped in a Gentile’s body. I was, understandably, annoyed.

    Pam Anderson was the first to make this inane remark way back in the 1990s, and when she said it it was kind of funny because we’d never heard it before, and if anyone is a gay man trapped in a woman’s body, it probably IS (well, WAS) her. But that’s enough of it. Drop it now. It’s a dumb saying. Quit bragging about your gay friends like they are purses. They aren’t accessories, they’re human beings. If Mila wants to be gay so badly, then she can find a nice girl and settle down with her. Otherwise, STFU. I don’t think Mila is bad and I certainly don’t think she’s a homophobe, but she tried too hard to be cute here.

    (This is coming from a straight female ally)

  • alan brickman

    where are the straight male actors saying this??..never heard of her before…

  • Scott

    Good lord, the Queerty users are professional complainers. I better start taking notes!

  • Land Stander

    @kurt: To answer your question, the other site I go to is 365gay dot com I think. They do not have quite as many stories, but not nearly as much B.S. either :)

  • testington

    WTF are peple criticizing her for? Did you read the article? She talks about growing up in West Hollywood and how to her it was completely normal to see two men holding hands or kissing. So she said “fairy princess” big deal, I think it is an improvement over Fag Hag because I’d rather be called a fairy than a fag and most women would rather be called a princess than a hag. (my best female friend calls her self a ‘mo ho)

    Do people really not know who she is? She is in Black Swan, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, That 70’s show…and plays Meg on Family Guy

  • Jeffree

    Mila Kunis was born in Ukraine in 1983 and moved to the US in 1991, not knowing more than a few words of English.

    Looking at the complete article that Queeerty linked to, it’s clear that the “pull quote” doesn’t represent the whole of her thinking. She may have used a very trite and awkward expression, but she is NOT an adversary.

    I’d hope that we LGB people would choose to spend our energy on rallying versus our true foes not the people who use the “wrong” words to express their support.

    As long as NOM, FRC, FOtF et al are going after us, let’s focus on folks who bear true ill-feelings against our rights and our commmunities.

    P.s. “Black Swan” is a pretty intense movie, but she’s good in it..,

  • jason

    Oh, fuck off, Kunis. Or should I say Kunt-is? You have no connection to the gay community whatsoever. You have never made a gay-friendly movie. Your role in Black Swan is akin to a straight male-appeasing role in which you engage in a lesbian act for the benefit of the sleazy straight guy fantasy.

    You’re a cunt and an attention whore, Kunis.

  • jason

    Kunis was probably told to say this by her agent. Everything goes through the agent, don’t forget. The agents are like fungal filters who decide what gets put out.

    If there’s an opportunity for a actress to “endear” herself to the gays, the agent will issue the statement and make it seem as if it’s come from her.

  • knoxx

    she was in a semi-gay role in After Sex with Zoe Saldana, but she was resisting in the movie but liked it a the same time..good movie check it out

  • Jeffree

    @Jason: Get some help, man. Your hatred of women is eating you alive.

  • globo

    @Jeffree: lol

  • Josh

    We complain when we have no allies and we spit in the faces of the ones we have. Yes its not terribly politically correct but nothing that hasnt been said in any village over and over. So just stop.

  • Davey Wavey's Vagina Monologue

    @Scott: You’re a cunt.

  • Marc

    @jason: Im straight but I happen to agree, IF you read the article it is FULL of cliches oh God please dont even get me started. She says things like I have these gay friends we go to such and such gay bars for fun they wear skiny jeans they listen to music I dont know. I have a gay friend who is getting married to another man. I think being gay is cool. It sounds like an essay. Either shes bi or she should stfu. Im glad some gays know that these so called gay friendly movies are really just to turn on men. Its not to validate the gay community at all. Its just to get boys to go to the movie theater and get a boner over her. She is a sick attention whore and will do anything to make herself out to be Jesus Christ. If you put an ugly face to go with her words you would see the empty narcissistic pig she really truly epically is.

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