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College Baseball Star Matt Kaplan Comes Out To The Fury Of…Nobody

baseball1_mediumFor the record, he’s a catcher.

Just had to get that out of our system. The coming-out story of 21-year-old Drew University baseball player Matt Kaplan is everything we love to hear about gays in traditionally antigay settings: there’s really no story at all.

No name calling; no protests; no angry coach. Just teammates supporting one another — a sign of the shifting perceptions of sexuality, masculinity and athleticism.

Kaplan came out to his coach first, who was entirely unfazed by the star player’s revelation. He told a reporter:

” [Matt is] as close to a family member as anyone I’ve ever coached. He’s like a younger brother to me. When Matt shared his story with me, I respected him more, if that’s even possible.

baseball5_mediumHis teammates had similar responses, getting up to shake his hand after they’d been called together so Matt could address everyone at once. Teammate and friend Anthony Feltre had this to add:

“It doesn’t change a thing. If anything, since he told me this really personal thing we’ve started hanging out more and talking about more serious things.”

And another immediately told him:

“That was the manliest thing I’ve ever seen.”

The rest of the team just applauded.

That’s not to say it was an altogether easy journey for Kaplan, who’s endured hearing homophobic language among teammates his whole life, but stories like this give us hope that a future in which being gay is accepted in a stereotypically masculine environment is not so far off.

Congrats, Matt.

You can read the full story here.


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  • Apparatus

    Love love love stories like this. What a great time to be alive, and getting better every day.

  • balehead

    See as long as your not a sad queen always bitching about morning goods…nobody cares if your gay…

  • litper

    @balehead: shut up, dog rapist!

  • seaguy

    He’s hot! Glad he is on our team.

  • Respect4all

    I recently saw a rather unmemorable “gay” film, but the best scene was when a gay teen solicits his busy lawyer-father’s help with a legal problem. He starts by saying:
    “First I have to tell you that I’m gay.” The father’s response is great, something like: “Is that it? Because I really have a lot of work to get back to.” Sometimes the best response is no response.

  • samwise343

    @Respect4all: A better response would be “I’m proud of you and love you, son.” Respect4none, does that shock you?

  • samwise343

    @balehead: I’m thinking, balehead, that YOU are just sad and no one cares whether you’re gay, or straight, or bi, or whatever you are.

  • tohe

    Congratulations Matt, and all the best going forward.

  • Dxley

    I think Balehead needs to learn the difference between you’re and your.

  • Cam

    Good for him!

  • jwrappaport

    @balehead: You seem ill-suited to words. Why not hit the gym?

  • tada-no

    Oh come on queerty show us some more pics of him!

  • DarSco

    @Apparatus: Ilove that great comment! I agree with you 100% its like living history book

  • discodan92

    LOL I cannot believe the gay web is having this slow a news week. I go to this school and we are currently going through human rights violations by our “campus public safety” and this shit gets picked up. I respect the dude but imma keep it real with all my gays saw the kid on grindr when were in class. So this was hardly a shocker he was just one of the ones with no pro pic. What if he was trans? Would he be receiving the same praise?

  • gstein


    Can you not speak on behalf of Drew’s LGBTQIA population? This is a really positive story, regardless of whether you knew he was gay or not.

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