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Conservative Takes On Trans “Threat”

Conservatives have spent countless hours, dollars and tears trying to combat the wicked gay agenda. Considering their “sacrifice” for the greater American good, one would expect they’d get some sort of payback. And they are – just not the payback they hoped. There’s a new agenda on the horizon and it’s more horrifying than any homo.

Conservative Linda Harvey “explains”:

Our kids are lost in a free-fall culture, and are being sold poison packaged as perfume. As if foisting “gay” rights on them wasn’t enough, now they are supposed to accept the artificial change of a person’s biological sex as a good thing. The “transgendered” agenda is suddenly emerging everywhere.

Oh the humanity!!!

Harvey goes on to cite New York State’s birth certificate consideration, which would allow trans people to change the gender on their birth certificates without getting a sex change. She also references national anti-discrimination laws, which may include gender identity as a protected class, the queer cases of trans teachers and, blasphemy of blasphemies, media attention on trans children, such as 20/20‘s recent special on the matter. And the combined effects are absolutely devastating:

One in five of 18 to 25 year olds in a recent Pew Research Poll said they were atheists or agnostics, which is double the number in the late 1980s. And 58% believe homosexuality should be accepted. This compares to just 50 % of over 26 year-olds- interviewed in the same survey.

So the younger kids’ views are being transformed quickly and radically.

What can be done to curb this dangerous trend? It’s not a what. It’s a who:

Just as we would never send children out in a boat without life vests, we must not let them free in this culture without being thoroughly armed and protected regarding this issue. That arming must be with the truth of knowing Christ as Savior, and believing His word.

Of course…

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