Could Barney Frank Take John Kerry’s Senate Seat?

Outgoing Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) has said he won’t rule out stepping in to temporarily fill John Kerry’s Senate seat if and when Kerry is appointed Secretary of State.

Any official replacement would be chosen by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, but Frank’s name has been floated as a possible substitute, as Kerry’s term doesn’t run out until 2014.

‘The governor ought to be free to make whatever choices he makes,’ Frank tells Politico. “In Massachusetts, you’re talking about an interim, not a permanent appointment. I certainly would not take on any long-term appointment.”

Frank, 71, clarified that he wasn’t saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at this point: “Rejecting an offer that hasn’t been made is also presumptuous,” he told the site.

If he does step into Kerry’s shoes, Frank will join new arrival Tammy Baldwin in the very exclusive gay-senators club.

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  • the other Greg

    As much as I would LOVE this, personally, it probably won’t happen because (1) Barney doesn’t really want it, (2) his natural abrasiveness might hurt the eventual Democratic nominee next summer against Scott Brown (most likely) or William Weld.

  • Callum

    Barney Franks @71 years old would make a great Senator for the next 2 years plus an additional 6 year term. Senators are supposed to be older and cantankerous and thoughtful in their deliberations. He would serve the entire population of these United States of America well!

  • John Doe

    It is almost always better to place the person in their whom you want to remain in that position AFTER the temporary appointment ends. My two cents anyway.

    Assuming this person is well-accepted by the voters, they essentially become somewhat of an incumbent running for reelection. People see their good work during this temporary transition, the candidate gets months or years of free media exposure, etc.

    Obviously this hasn’t succeeded in all situations. But, those have often been situations where the person was barely electable in the first place.

  • JDJase

    @John Doe: I’d agree with you IF the temporary appointment was for the full 2 years remaining of the term. But the appointment is only for the 4 months until the special election. The incumbency effect would be minimal (and also, distract the person from campaigning full time)

  • FStratford

    I think he is perfect for it. It would make Scott Brown’s candidacy look awful if he is trying to get Barney’s seat.

  • Charli Girl

    WHO REALLY wants scott brown ANYWHERE????? My opinion is HE’S LOST FOR A REASON!

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