Creepy School Bus Driver Corners Kids, Lectures Them About The Evils Of Homosexuality

Creepy bus driver alert!

A Missouri school bus driver has been accused of cornering an 11-year-old girl and her friend at the back of an empty school bus and telling them they were going to “burn in hell” for being gay.

“She’s just been the most horrible bus driver I’ve ever had!” 11-year-old Maurissa told her local news station.

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Maurissa is a fifth grader at an elementary school in Kansas City, MO. She says she and her friend were playing a game on the bus last Friday morning. When they arrived at school, the bus driver let off all the other students, but told the little girls to stay behind. She then ordered they move to to back of the bus, where she proceeded to lecture them for ten minutes about homosexuality, calling them gay and saying the children would “burn in hell real bad.”

“She was talking really bad to me and I didn’t like that,” Maurissa, crying, said.

The little girls had been playing a game that involved innocently touching one another’s arms. Maurissa said the driver told her she was “touching her best friend too much” and she was “gay for it.”

“She hurt my feelings very bad,” she sniffled.

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When the crestfallen children were finally released from captivity, Maurissa raced inside the school and told a teacher.

Maurissa’s mother, Patricia, is upset because she says the school did not inform her of the incident until the end of the day.

“I feel like she was all day by herself, dealing with it,” she told local news. “How do you deal with that at 11?”

“She’s been through so much,” the mother continued, “she just did not deserve to be put in this situation. It’s not fair!”

The school claims it is not their responsibility to notify parents of incidents that happen on the bus, but rather it is the responsibility of the company that operates the buses, First Student, to reach out.

First Student said the bus driver, whose name has not been released, was immediately terminated.

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