Crowd Gathers To Support 14-Year Old Trying To Start GSA

Administrators in a Florida school district want to do away with after-school clubs rather than allow students to form a gay-straight alliance.

As a result, dozens of students, parents and community members came to a meeting of the Lake County School Board on Monday wearing red “Standing with Bayli” shirts in support of 14-year-old eighth-grader Bayli Silberstein, who’s beeing trying to get a GSA started at Carver Middle School in Leesburg.

After being rejected last academic year, she reapplied in November—but never heard back from the principal.

Silberstein, who says she “expected more from adults” has the support of the ACLU. But she doesn’t have the full backing of her classmates.  The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Others spoke out against the alliance, saying the real issue is bullying. Students, they said, would not find the support they need in a gay-straight group.

“It’s like gangs,” said Lori Pitner, a Tavares resident who spoke in opposition. “More kids in gangs end up killed than are not in gangs. I don’t see this as any different.”

Lori Pitner is obviously a product of America’s poor educational system.

Four school-board members have spoken in favor of a ban on clubs not tied to schoolwork all for middle schoolers. One even claimed gay-straight clubs were tantamount to “social engineering.”

You mean trying to make a better class of young people? You’re damn right it is.

If you had any doubts as to whether Lake County needs GSAs, just two years ago a teacher told his students that gay men and women should be allowed to openly serve  in the military “only if they were sent to the front lines with no weapons.”



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