Cuckoo Fundie Linda Harvey Calls Halloween A Satanic Gay Holiday (Duh!)

Another reason for skipping Halloween is its growing influence: It’s now the second most popular American celebration right behind Christmas. What’s driving its magnetism? Spiritual deception on a grand scale may be at work and such trends call for heightened Christian discernment.

We all can see [Halloween is] a huge celebration in the LGBT world, especially for the gender-confused folks. This illustrates some of the problem. The core of Halloween is glittering artificiality—you can pretend to be someone you aren’t for a night. You can flirt with danger. You can divine a different destiny.

But it is all void of the presence of or will of God. It’s a seduction that says, ‘don’t be afraid, do whatever you want, there’s nothing to fear.’ It’s one of Satan’s oldest tricks.”

Mission America founder and anti-gay activist Linda Harvey on the Christian holiday of Halloween.

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  • 2eo

    Their god stole all the holidays from pagan rituals anyway so I fail to see the relevance.

    Their god murders and rapes children, stones people to death and defends people who picket soldiers funerals. god is dead, and moral intelligent people killed it.

  • marc sfe

    Well now, Linda is going to piss off the catholics now – the origin of this I All Hallows Eve, which is the night be All Saints Day. From what I have learned the pranks known on the Halloween were a post-reformation contribution to get to the Catholics who kept the vigil of All Saints. This has a history behind it that if anyone cares to look up is quite interesting. Of course dear ole Linda would never be so foolish as to have any “book learnin” available and undertaking before opening her ignorant fucking mouth. What a douche she is and no offense to any good douche products out there.


    Yes! for you bitch an extra large “DILDO”..

  • Aidan8

    Yes, because there’s absolutely no “glittering artificiality” when it comes to Christmas. Silly woman doesn’t even know the history of her own religion and religious holidays. Typical evangelical… no need for history or context, just blind faith.

  • JOHN 1957

    Why are so many so called religious people so bitter and hateful towards the rest of humanity? If God is so forgiving and loving then who the F__K are you to judge the rest of mankind. It’s people like her that make me PRO-ABORTION!

  • Jane Elliott

    well she should fit in well with the rest of the idiots

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