Daily Mail Refashions The Gay Couple Denied Hotel Room As Skinheads

THE SHOT — This is how the Daily Mail depicts Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy (pictured), the British gay couple who just won a $5,700 judgment against hotel owners Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, who refused them a room because they were a bunch of homosessuals. [image via]

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  • tallskin2

    The Daily Mail is a vile (so called) newspaper.

    I hope the gay couple sue or complain to the press complaints commission.

  • Charlie Jackpot

    They refused themselves a hotel room?

  • Fagburn

    Interesting that in cartoons gay men are usually caricatured as effete pansies, but here they are big hulking brutes towering over the (tiny) Christian couple..
    And the cartoonist appears to have drawn a swastika on the man on the left’s right forearm – nice touch!

  • Franky

    @Charlie Jackpot:
    Lol, good find.

    Wow, why do these people always feel it necessary to use Nazi imagery?

  • Vatican Lokey

    So, according to this story they denied themselves a room in their own hotel, sued themselves, and won…or lost, I’m no longer certain.

  • Kurt

    I’m sure the cartoon is that bad. I think a typical reader’s response would be “so what. Is their money green?” or should I say “Do their pounds have the Queen’s head on them?”

    I don’t think most people think that hotel clerks need to be giving potential paying guests the once over to see if they are acceptable to do business with even if they are a bit “exotic” to them.

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    You know, right huh? Spot on. Same with blacks or women. Hate the right.

  • Mike In London UK

    For our American cousins who don’t know, the newspaper “The Daily Mail” is renowned for its “family viewpoint”, as it has a 50%+ female readership and its “right of center” political viewpoint.

    Its not what most gay people would consider to be “friendly reading material”.

  • mark c

    wouldn’t it be better just to have made them black? then all the bases would have been covered. they’d be big, black hulks with antisemitic, nazi tats. nothing says ominous like black nazi skinheads.

  • John P

    Gay Black nazi skinheads, that’s a great rock band name right there!

  • beep

    This is the same newspaper that openly supported the British Union of Fascists in the ’30s.

  • Queer Supremacist — Impeach Obama

    @Franky: Wow, why do these people always feel it necessary to use Nazi imagery?

    Psychological projection. Scratch a breeder, find a Nazi underneath.

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