Dallas Comic Shop Refuses To Carry Superman Title Written By Sci-Fi Homophobe Orson Scott Card

adventures-of-superman1a-197x300There are no superheroes in the real world, but every now and again someone does something in the name of truth, justice and the American way: A Dallas comic-book store says it won’t carry DC’s The Adventures of Superman when it hits shelves on May 29 because it was written by homophobic sci-fi writer Orson Scott Card (Ender’s Game).

Zeus Comics owner Richard Neal posted on Facebook:

Zeus Comics will not be carrying the print edition of writer Orson Scott Card’s Superman. Card sits on the board of the National Organization of Marriage which fights against marriage equality. His essays advocate the destruction of my relationship, that I am born of rape or abuse and that I am equated with pedophilia. These themes appear in his fiction as well.

It is shocking DC Comics would hire him to write Superman, a character whose ideals represent all of us.

If you replaced the word ‘homosexuals’ in his essays with the words ‘women’ or ‘Jews,’ he would not be hired. But I’m not sure why its still okay to ‘have an opinion’ about gays? This is about equality.

In 2006, Neal’s store received the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award, for doing “an outstanding job of supporting the comic-art medium both in the community and within the industry at large.”

It’s important to support business that take a stand against bigotry even when it might hurt profits. Why not hop over the Zeus Comics website and pick up some items for yourself or the comics reader in your life?


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