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Dan Choi, Autumn Sandeen, Jim Pietrangelo Were Just Wearing Military Costumes

You see, when Lt. Dan Choi, Petty Officer Autumn Sandeen, Capt. Jim Pietrangelo II, Petty Officer Larry Whitt, Cadet Mara Boyd, and Cpl. Evelyn Thomas stood in front of the White House and demanded the president move to get DADT repealed, they were just playing dress up. You’re just wonderful, Gretchen Carlson, and we’re hope you’re here all night. [via]

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  • Caine

    I wouldn’t expect anything different from the conservatives, republicans & the fox corporation.

  • Jon

    She just misspoke it is hard to say everything correctly for a 3 or 4 hour show. Not a big deal.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    I think Jon got it right. Like her, I had no idea who any of these people were besides Pietrangelo and Choi and I’ve been blogging about DADT for a while now.

    Was it insensitive, sure, but I didn’t get the feeling that she was being malevolent or nasty about it. Just very much uneducated, since it would have taken only a few moments to have an intern look them up.

    So my take? Sloppy, but not deliberately rude.


    Trivial loons, playing dress up as professional adult human beings with a heart; in actuality, they’re puppets with hands up their butts, with dirty finger nails, covered in the blood of the little children their masters eat. lol

  • Devon

    This is the same show wherein one of the hosts said on live television that the problem with America is that we “keep marrying other species” and that “the Swedes have pure genes.” The hosts of Fox & Friends are easily the dumbest of FNC’s right-wing mouthpieces…Which is really saying something.

    And ffs, don’t even get me started on that self-loathing, racist twat Michelle Malkin.

  • Matt

    Notice how no one said what Dan Choi and his fellow protesters were protesting?

  • Chuck

    Does anyone think that right wing hate monging Fox would have covered a gay rights protest if it didn’t give them an opportunity to pretend the Obama Admin isn’t transparent? I guess they miss the transparent days of Bush/Cheney’s “undisclosed locations” and overt, “go F yourself” from a “transparent” VP.


  • Cam

    Excusing her by saying that she didn’t know who he is is B.S. he has been on national news programs dozens of times.

  • wut

    If they don’t care enough to get it right they shouldn’t report on it, they should find a new job.

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