Darlene Conner Is Now A Single Lesbian Mom

We’re not sure when Sara Gilbert came clean about being a lady lover, but apparently The Talk co-host is loving one less lady these days.

According to an item in People magazine, Gilbert and her partner of a decade, television producer Alison Adler, are dunzo. Adler, 44, and Gilbert, 36, will share custody of their two kids, son Levi, 6, and daughter Sawyer, 4. “It’s completely amicable,” a rep for Gilbert told the magazine.

Good, now maybe she can get back together with David.

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  • phallus

    Nice woman.. good actor but it wasn’t hard to figure out she is gay. Congrats to her for being a mom.

  • dvlaries

    When you discount the final two off-the-rails seasons where everybody gets rich, Dan cheats on Roseanne, and Darlene’s totally laughless, endangered pregnancy, all the earlier stuff still keeps Roseanne one the richest situation comedy programs ever made, and one that continues to reward.

    In no small part that was thanks to the very realistic teen Gilbert played as Darlene. Not that I don’t wish her talk show success, but given the sorry state of scripted primetime drama and comedy, Gilbert’s talent is needed in the evenings too.

    Good luck to Sara, Alison and their children.

  • the crustybastard

    Little Sara Gilbert’s deadpan rivaled Bob Newhart’s. I can’t imagine why, as an adult, she doesn’t have a show like his.

    It’d be nice to have a sitcom with humans that’s actually funny instead of all this lackwitted “Friends” rehashing. The only things on TV that reliably make me laugh out loud right now are “Archer” and “Wilford.”

  • ewe

    That’s nice. So what.

  • Cam

    @christopher di spirito:

    I wasn’t aware that Sara had become blind since Rosanne was cancelled. ;)

  • chrissie riot

    Just so you know I’m totally available. And I’m good with kids. Well, no, I’m horrible with them but for you I’d learn!

  • chrissie riot

    Also: Sara came out publicly about a year ago.

  • topsyturvy

    So true about ROSEANNE. I just prefer to think those last two seasons never happened (especially that last one).

  • Ryan

    She did something to her voice, like surgery or something so it’s not as deep. If you watch the earlier Roseanne stuff (I have the complete series on DVD, jealous?;)) compared to how she sounds now on ‘The Talk’ she sounds totallt straight girl now. She de-lesboed her vocals.

  • slanty

    They were together for a decade. That’s longer than most straight couples.

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