Season Of Pride

Davey Wavey And Other LGBTQ YouTubers Have An Inspirational Message For Pride Month

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Pride month is here again, and amid the usual festivities of the month, it’s important to realize what it’s really all about.

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Thankfully, your favorite YouTubers came together to make a cute and LGBTQ-positive video about why they love being gay! Davey Wavey brought together a diverse group of YouTubers to help spread a very important message, and we’re personally all about it.

So why do we love being gay? For us, it’s all about getting the opportunity to cover and share so many stories that span the diversity of the LGBTQ community, of course!

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Watch the video below, and perhaps you can share in the comments section about why you love being gay! Our Queerty members always have plenty to say, and we’re all ears!