Meghan McCain left The View in 2021… and she hasn’t quit talking about it since.

In an interview with The Messenger to promote her new podcast, “Meghan McCain Has Entered the Chat,” the 38-year-old says she never watches the hit daytime talk show, which she co-hosted for four excruciating seasons.

“You know, it’s kind of like looking at an ex-boyfriend’s Instagram,” she says. “It’s just not great for you.”

“I don’t have time to watch this kind of content,” she adds.

Meghan, who is John McCain’s daughter, in case anyone forgot, might not have time to watch the show, but she’s certainly found plenty of time to talk sh*t about her former colleagues over the last two years. In fact, she wrote a whole book about it!

Her scorched-earth memoir Bad Republican, which reportedly sold less than 250 copies during its first month of release last year, was all about how much she hated the other co-hosts on The View, especially Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, as well as many of the guests, including the beloved Nathan Lane, who she called “a d*ck.”

(Sidenote: We’ve interviewed Nathan Lane here at Queerty and we are happy to report he is a lovely person and an absolute joy to talk to!)

She’s also lashed out at her former colleagues in interviews, telling Variety last year that being on the show was “crazy-making”, “extremely isolating”, and “humiliating”, and said she was constantly “talked to like I was a child and a brat.”

Speaking to The Messenger today, McCain says the only thing she misses from her days on The View is “the wardrobe people.” You know, the talented folx who helped her create iconic looks like this…


And this…

“I just love getting dressed up,” she explains. “So I miss the wardrobe people the most and they’re very kind. They have been the wardrobe people the entire history of the show.”

But “Meghan McCain Has Entered The Chat”, which premieres today, promises to be a podcast about smart, thoughtful, interesting ideas, not settling scores or getting into personal fights.

According to McCain, she won’t be airing out past grievances with The View, which she still talks about constantly, including in this latest interview with The Messenger.

“I always keep emphasizing with our booker that this is a deeply respectful space,” she says, “and I am not here to make anybody uncomfortable or scream at them or get in fights in a way.”

“You could have heated arguments that are respectful, but I’m not here to make a spectacle. And I hope the more episodes come out, people will see that.”

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