Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson is setting the record straight about Matt Gaetz‘s false claims that he used to date her.

Hutchinson, who served as a key witness for the House January 6 committee, stopped by Rachel Maddow‘s show yesterday to promote her new book Enough.

During the sit-down, Maddow asked about several allegations Hutchinson makes in the book against Gaetz.

The 26-year-old writes about a few different times when the 41-year-old anti-LGBTQ+ lawmaker allegedly hit on her, including once when he used one of the worst pickup lines we’ve ever heard: “Has anyone told you you’re a national treasure?”

Another time, she says he tracked her down one night during a work trip at Camp David and asked if she could “escort him to his cabin,” claiming he was lost and couldn’t find his way back, despite all of the cabins being clearly marked along a circle driveway.

Gaetz issued a statement this week denying the stories, saying, “I don’t remember either of these events and based on Cassidy’s prior false statements, I doubt they occurred. I did date Cassidy for a few weeks when we were both single years ago.”

He added that the “parted amicably and remained friends thereafter” then said it was “sad” to see her “dishonestly turn against so many people who cared about her for fame and book sales.”

When asked about this by Maddow, Hutchinson looked amused and also like she was trying not to throw up.

“I do not think that Matt Gaetz has the best track record for relationships” she said, politely. “I will say, on behalf of myself, I never dated Matt Gaetz. I have much higher standards in men.”


She also noted that they did have an “amicable working relationship” and were “good friends at points”, but she’s not a fan of the congressman today, calling him untrustworthy and “frankly, a very unserious politician.”

“We see that today with the ruckus that he is causing on Capitol Hill with the spending negotiations,” she quipped.

We’re inclined to believe Hutchinson here because, well, duh.

But also, in his own 2020 memoir Firebrand, Gaetz claimed he didn’t date D.C. insiders (specifically lobbyists, staff members, and reporters) because “it’s risky to date in a town where there’s potentially a thin line between love and blackmail, or at least love and bad PR.”

As for his claims that Hutchinson was lying about him in an attempt to sell more copies of her book, that’s also highly questionable considering the fact that Firebrand reportedly only sold between 2,000 and 6,000 copies when it was released back in 2020.

Clearly Matt Gaetz is not a topic readers care about, and certainly not one they’re willing to spend money on.

Hutchinson, however, is someone people are very interested in. Enough is out today and is already #1 on several of Amazon’s bestseller lists, and has been praised by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

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