David Tutera Dumps Partner Of 10 Years, Wants Custody Of Unborn Twins

80394This doesn’t sound good for business. David Tutera, celebrity event planner and host of WE TV’s My Fair Wedding, has split from his partner of 10 years and is demanding full custody of their unborn twins, who are expected this summer via a surrogate.

It’s even more complicated than it sounds. As TMZ reports Tutera wed Ryan Jurica in Vermont back in 2003, but since then the couple has lived in California, where same-sex marriage is not yet recognized, the couple filed for a domestic partnership. Tutera has just filed documents to end their domestic partnership due to the usual “irreconcilable differences.”

TMZ also reveals that the two men are expecting twins in July and Tutera plans to offer Jurica only visitation rights and insists on full legal and physical custody of the children.
And Tutera not only refuses to pay spousal support, he also wants Jurica to pay for all legal fees related to the couple’s split.

So much for happily ever after.

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  • CleJoke

    This is going to get ugly and set the cause back a decade.

  • CleJoke


  • PSPoolside

    California is a no fault divorce state and all assets will be split 50/50. If Tutera was the “bread winner” he will be paying support. Unless there is good cause the kids will be shared custody.

  • Coup

    As a gay attorney, we are rejoicing, the amount of new business will be immense. Exactly what makes anyone think we are going to be any better at this marriage thing than heteros ? Half will fail, at least. Welcome to the flip side of equality.

  • marc sfe

    @Coup: May I suggest that you are making predictions based upon very little history of gay marriage. I have three sets of gay friends, one together 25 years, the next 20 years and the last 43 years. I find your comment to be in very poor taste and your comment about rejoicing, well, that just goes to prove that attorneys are a reprehensible lot.

  • marc sfe

    @PSPoolside: Since California does not recognise gay married couples, I don’t know that the divorce laws of CA would be applicable. This will be interesting indeed.

  • Coup

    @marc sfe

    Wow anecdotal evidence of 3 marriages, you’re rather challenged when it comes to reality AND statistics. It’s people like you who have no common sense that keeps the legal profession in business. As for the rest of your opinions, you can stuff them in your constipated ass, you find me reprehensible, I find you childishly stupid. One is an opinion, the other is a demonstrable fact, you’re clearly incapable of figuring out which is which.

  • Caliban

    @Coup: For someone who refers to himself in the third person (Is that the Royal “we”?) you’re awfully thin skinned. At least initially many gay couples who marry will have already been together for a long time, some for decades, so are less likely to divorce. No doubt many gay couples will give the “bridezillas” a run for their money and divorce attorneys stories of bad behavior to dine out on for years.

  • QJ201

    @PSPoolside: THIS plus the Parent Trap. Split the twins too.

  • niles


  • MK Ultra

    @Coup: As a lawyer you should no that no one has argued for marriage equality because “we’re gonna do it better than the straights”.
    That was never an argument for equality.
    The whole point is that we have as much of a right to fail or succeed at it.

  • Caleb in SC

    @MK Ultra: Exactly. I pointed that out to a very pseudo-intellectual Faux News Republican I used to work with, who was very anti-gay marriage. She went of about gay marriage one day and I said, “So you are on your third marriage? Talk about mocking the institution of marriage. So gays and lesbians cannot make the same mistakes you obviously made?”

  • GayTampaCowboy

    I’m betting that this was an issue of INFIDELITY!!! that kind of language sounds like his partner was caught cheating!!!

  • B Damion

    @ everyone…this is why i have no gay male friends it’s sad.

    The constant bitching and jealous back stabbing behavior it’s terrible to be around gay men like this jesus!!!.

    Issh happens get over it. We are no better than the people who hate us as a community. We have to start showing love and respect for eachother or else we are just hyprocrites.

  • Cam

    Easy enough if you are the other guy. Move for a change of Venue to Vermont since that state recognizes the marriage and it was performed there. Dissolving the domestic partnership in Ca. doesn’t change the fact that they are still married according to Vt, NY, IA, DC, and other states….

  • Cam

    @B Damion:

    Your post is beyond pathetic.

    1. So apparently nobody but gay men ever behave “Bitchy” Well I guess all those straight men beating their girlfriends, or women killing their husbands are just wonderful.

    2. Being “Bitchy” is somehow no different than the bigots who hate gays and advocate things like….for instance, the law in Uganda that would make it legal to kill gays.

    Your level of self hatred is so high it is amazing. Work on yourself rather than transferring your issues to the community at large.

  • loua61

    I hope it does not get ugly

  • B Damion

    @Cam….It’s the truth my friend. That has been my experience.

    I have a right to my opinion as do you. I thank you for even caring to respond.

  • Cam

    @B Damion:

    No, your comment stated that you don’t have any gay male friends because of this, which would insinuate that this doesn’t happen among other groups.

    Since that, on it’s face is false, then it would seem to indicate that you are assigning much worse qualities to gay men for behaving the exact same way as other people, which would indicate self hate.

    Read a few stories on the typical straight divorce if you want to see love in action.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Since they are still in utero I would assume the big question will be which of the two is the biological father of the twins. I think that would be the deciding factor in determining custody inasmuch as there has be no shared parenting and bonding time.

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