Days Of Our Lives Melissa Reeves Tweets Bonehead Support Of Chick-Fil-A

Chick-fil-A isn’t releasing sales figures so we don’t know how Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day went over, but we can confirm at least one person took part in the big day of bigotry: Days of Out Lives star Melissa Reeves.

Yesterday, Reeves—a.k.a. Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux—tweeted her support for the chicken chain yesterday.

Does Reeves think this whole controversy has been about free speech? If so, maybe she should stick to having professional writers craft her words.

It’s especially grating considering how well Days has done with the storyline about gay teen Will Horton (Chadler Massey). Maybe the show can do an episode where Will boycotts an anti-gay fast-food chain.


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  • MikeE

    stupid çunt.

    that’s a classy insult… because it has a foreign accent.

    pronounced “sunt”.

  • Tony

    It’s sickening! Why would she get involved in this issue? It sucks, because she’s a good actress and makes her character really sweet/interesting on the show. Who knew what a bigoted beast was hiding behind the attractive exterior!

  • Joh

    Ignorance knows no social or economic boundries.

  • NateB79

    She sounds less bigot and more idiot. Although, there have been some people that say that they supported Chick-Fil-A from a freedom of speech standpoint rather than a gay marriage one.

  • Yibbet

    Several years back she cheated on her Jesus-freak husband (he’s on GH) and had to do a big mea culpa. Feel free to shove this back in her face (free speech and all). Also,
    she’s a terribly wooden actress.

  • Phil Higgins

    She lost me at the ;)!!, but as a soap actress who isn’t smart enough to appreciate the gays who make her career possible, suffice it to say this is probably one of the few times we’ll have to hear her blathering on.


    Hey read my new gay novel Man*hattan! Available exclusively on Amazon.

  • DouggSeven

    Uh oh – NBC is not gonna like that.

  • Geoff B

    Melissa Reeves is a lousy actress and Jennifer Horton is easily the most boring character on that show. Now, if it were Laurent Koslow (Kate) or Eileen Davidson (Kristen) eating there, it would break my heart.

  • Jeremiah

    @Geoff B: Lauren Koslow would NEVER!! She’s very supportive and super liberal!

  • ML

    It IS about free speech!

  • Me

    How “Christian” of her. She tweets her support for preventing others from marrying the one they love while posting a Facebook pic of her with her “husband?”. It’s like going on a mission trip in a third world country and eating a big juicy steak in front of hungry people and telling them “steak is only for people like me and I will support a law that enforces this”.
    Ignorant, bigoted, hypocrite.
    The bible doesn’t condemn Sam-sex couples, men and their religions do.

  • Mark

    @ML: no one is saying Cathy can’t say what he wants to say. Did anyone stop him? Remember the laws of physics – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  • Victor

    Don’t spend all of your money their honey because when Days inevitably gets cancelled like all the other soaps, you won’t be able to find anyone who will hire your untalented azz.

  • Brandon

    May I point out that the “christians” are the first to support “free speech” but are also the first ones to cry boycott, as they have innumerable ones going on at the moment.

  • RomanHans

    Tweet @nbcdays. Tell them some idiot’s confused free speech with “hate speech and let them know you’re not watching until she’s gone.

  • Daez

    @ML: No, it is about the millions of dollars given to abusive therapy (Exodus International). No one is attacking this guy simply for saying what he said. They are attacking him for funding the destruction of other human beings mental health.

  • Danny

    @Me: Preach it! Great analogy. I’m going to borrow this from time to time.

  • Danny

    Queerty needs to have unique poster names so that people don’t use the same name to post on the site. There are 20 Danny’s on this site.

  • realgay

    Heterosexuals always falsely claim their “free speech” in being limited when pushback occurs.

    Daez, thanks for reminding everyone how this all started. Gay people’s lives are being negatively affected.

  • marc

    this is about the right to hold and speak your own thoughts when asked. Mr cathy did not say anything about gays at all. his interviewer, a fellow christian, replayed by a christian radio station, heard and interrupted by CNN. All of the charitys mention? Mr. Cathy and his family also insure it is used for supporting christian marraige. Thats all it is to be used for. I for the life of me, striping it down to bare facts, do not understand the hate speech coming out of the gay community. What happened to acceptance? Diversity? What about equal rights? respect? Remember y’all, subjective opinions are one thing, objective facts are another.

  • Cam

    Here is some contact info I found online for Days of Our Lives.

    Let them know how you feel.

    Phone Numbers:

    DAYS Comment Line: (818)840-2067
    NBC Switchboard: (818)840-4444
    Corday Productions: (818)295-2821
    Fax Number: (818)840-4968

  • Jeff

    What Cathy was actually talking about is the biblical interpretation of marriage, such as it is. I wonder if Reeves would like to follow the biblical interpretation. If so, who cast the first stone at her since she is an adulterer?

  • TJ

    What about gluttony? The irony of people going to a greasy chicken restaurant for a”biblically” informed protest is just so (oxy)moronic

  • Chance

    @marc: Marc, once he’s donated the money, how can he be sure how it’s going to be used? Particularly when ONE of the groups he donated to has a sole purpose of trying to pray away the gay and “convert” gay people into straight people? And the fact that he gave money to a group well known for having lobbied congress to not condemn Uganda for their “kill the gays” law? He donates money to groups that believe it is a good thing to kill gay people and to groups whose ineffective methods do nothing but psychological harm. You cannot in good conscience and with a belief that you are right if you have done ANY research on this issue say that he ensures his money is used only for supporting Christian marriage. Which even IF TRUE is at the very least trying to enshrine Christian morality into American law which in and of itself is a violation of the First Amendment, as it establishes the morality of one religion (that not even everyone in that religion believes) as being law to all people in the USA. Your arguments do not hold water.

  • Brandon

    That was a particularly vicious tweet by Reeves.

  • Sparky

    She’s a dried up old cunt who was never a great actress. Cheated on her husband and yet every fucking Mother’s Day she is held up as having the bestest family ever in the pages of Soap Opera Digest.

    They just fired a bunch of folks at DAYS. This bitch should have been first to go.

  • DouggSeven

    CFA also sells pork products in it’s breakfast menu. That is also a sin by the so-called-bible. Maybe we can carpool to hell together!

  • Joe Joe

    Yes it’s boneheaded for anyone to not conform to your opinion..really gays..you wonder why you are hated? Read your own articles..you don’t make it hard that’s for sure

  • Belize

    @Joe Joe: “Yes it’s boneheaded for anyone to not conform to your opinion..really gays..you wonder why you are hated? Read your own articles..you don’t make it hard that’s for sure”

    LOL. And yet another imbecile who doesn’t know that the this thing called “free speech” goes both ways. :) Go to college, hick. Maybe you’ll find better ways to justify your stupidity.

  • Belize

    As for Melissa Reeves, I can understand why she would tweet this. When you’re irrelevant, and replaceable in the entertainment industry, you would do anything to get your name remembered. Sadly, I don’t think that this is enough. There are so many imbeciles in the world. Try again, hon. :)

  • Mike

    I’m ashamed that my fellow LGBT would support trying to shut down a business (Quinn calling for NYU to remove the franchise from their campus and Chicago mayor trying to ban new franchises, etc) simply because we disagree with the president’s views. Are you really that stupid to support such a thing???

    The free speech we value applies to ALL, not just us. If we try to take it away from others, then it’s also open season on ANY free speech, including ours. We didn’t like it when we couldn’t talk about being gay openly, so why would you want to inflict that on others and infringe on THEIR right to free speech?

    And to those who say this isn’t a free speech issue, you’re wrong. If people stopped eating at Chick’s because they disagree with the president’s views and he is forced to close his franchises because of poor sales, that’s fine…that’s democracy in action. But trying to shut down a business because of an owner’s views is akin to Nazi Germany.

    Shame on those who support such things.

  • Jordan

    Why are heterosexual only allowed to exercise their free speech? Thousands of them boycott and publically humiliate every gay public figure and want them FIRED from jobs, but whn we exercise our freedom of speech with a rebuttal… We’re the one stripping rights? Wth???

  • TigerOSF

    @Mike: Shame on you for being an apologist and lecturing US, when your conservtive ilk does enough shameful actions against LGBT to keep you busy in lecturing them some. But of course you won’t. Your type camps out on our sites trying to school us on appropriate behavior when it’s really your ilk who are stripping OUR rights, freedoms and liberty. You better believe we’re going to fight back, and we never promised it be pretty. Our gay children are dying because of the conservative homophobes, and that’s enough to get a rise out of us.

  • hector

    @Mike: semi-nice try, troll, but nobody is shutting down anyone’s business, we are simply voicing our right to free speech by protesting loudly to the four winds against crimes being committed against our community by the groups that Cathy is supporting by selling his hate chicken. These hate groups have access 24 hours a day to the media to spew their bile, not to mention church on Sunday, so don’t dare tell me that their freedom of speech is being violated.

  • Dynex

    @Mike: what if instead of donating millions to organizations that promote the killings of gays overseas, that promote the mental rape of gay children through ex gay conversion therapy programs and to groups like NOM who literally want us destroyed, this man donated millions to organizations that did the same toward blacks or latinos. Don’t for one second try to convince yourself or us that you would be for that. Your code of ethics seems to only apply to the mistreatment of gays. Donating millions to identified hate groups makes you the head of said hate groups. Don’t be a coward and cry when called out on it

  • Collin

    @Mike: There’s $5,000,000 reasons you’re overloooking and failing to mention. But even if he didn’t donate an INCREDIBLE number of money to anti gay organizations, we as a community still have a right and even duty to speak out against someone who spoke out against who we are. Thats part of the freedom of speech process: responses to others speech.

  • Mangina

    The actress cheated on her husband with her married costar then quit the show! Oh yeah freedom of free speech and free bodies!

  • Daez

    @Mike: It is my free speech to tell someone else I do not desire to support their hatred. I really could give a rip if Cathy supports gay marriage or not. He has the right to say whatever he wants about gay marriage. That is not what the issue here is. The issue is that he has given MILLIONS of dollars to EXODUS INTERNATIONAL. EXODUS INTERNATIONAL sells false hope to those that desperately need real mental help. Normally, they make the situation much worse, and the vast majority of their clients become victims of extremely low self-esteem, mental issues and possibly suicide. They are denounced by every respected medical and psychiatric organization, and even the leadership of EXODUS INTERNATIONAL has admitted that they do not cure people of homosexuality which they have claimed to do since their inception.

    Shame on you for promoting this as a free speech issue or for supporting Chick-Fil-A.

    TL; DR: Cathy can give his entire company to fight marriage equality if he wants to. He can denounce gays as much as he possibly wants to. Where he crosses the line is his donations to organizations that do irreparable harm to gay and lesbian individuals. That does not even take into account that many of the millions that he donated were channeled directly into funding Uganda’s “kill the gays” movement.

  • shle896

    Would she say the same thing about a fast food chain that supported the KKK? I fail to see the difference. Hate is hate is hate.

  • Cam

    Isn’t it funny how all the right wingers SCREAM about free speech and then try to attack gays for boycotting Chik Fil A?

    Funny how they don’t get that free speech works both ways. Unless they somehow think that the govt. should force us to eat in certain restaurants.

    The right wing thinks that freedom of speech means being able to force everybody else to do exactly what the right wing wants them to.

    Oh, and to the Trolls like Joe Joe and Mike.

    You’re spending a lot of time on a gay blog, and you are homophobic. Those are symptoms one and two that you are closeted gays. So nice try.

  • Eric

    As a Day’s fan I am pissed that she did this. She needs to be killed off ASAP.

  • I forgot what name I was using

    She’s now blocking EVERYONE who tweeted to her saying that they didn’t agree with her stance. Wow, what a creep! I’m so over this, though. Jennifer Horton sucks and I hope she’s written off the show permanently – then Missy Reeves will have a lot of free time to picket with the Westboro Church since that seems to be the direction she’s headed in. I’m sure NBC won’t be happy after investing so much in the Will storyline that one of their stars is being listed alongside Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann as Chick-Fil-A supporters.

  • marc conder

    Chance, I do not know how anyone can be sure of how a charity uses their donated money. Mr. Cathy did say he only donated to charity supporting traditional marriage. While this may offend, its not against any of the amendments. He, like all Americans has the right to speak out, and support ideas and concepts he holds important. My primary concern is that as a micro minority, albeit noisy ones, we may be harming ourselves here.I am unable to see in any real way how this support can impact, offend, or break up LGBT family s. That feels more like political speak then objective facts.I support equal rights, and I am in full belief that when the supreme court hears the argument over a legal civil union for gays, that will be upheld. This nation is learning, we do not make laws excluding law abiding citizens. If we also want respect, and acceptance, and inclusion, had we not support those concepts ourselves? I live in Texas, and this has unleashed a firestorm here, not one we will be able to put out easily, The national elections are less then 100 days away, and this I fear will not be forgotten, or forgiven.

  • hector

    @marc conder: Yes, stay with your fear about being “forgiven” by your heterosexual masters. That has worked very well for some time. But pray tell, how is objecting to someone’s opinion stripping their right to free speech?

  • Eric

    I hope she is one of the people who dies in the Daysaster!

  • Brandon

    Ugh, remember Ruth Buzzi from Laugh-in? Yes, I know it’s ancient history, but she is still alive, on Twitter, and came out for Chick FilA today. I thought she was just a harmless semi-funny old lady.

  • Geoff B

    [email protected]Eric:Hate to burst your bubble, but I asked my partner (who has a Phd level of knowledge about this show) and the smart money is three characters dying, none of whom are her(I won’t spoil it for you by saying who’s on the chopping block). That said, Stefano and Kristen DiMera are slated to return in the fall so no one in Salem is safe and if NBC is pissed off by what Reeves twatted, you never know…..

  • Mike


    You can’t be that obtuse, Diaz. There’s a difference between Dan Cathy and Chick-Fil-A.

    If the chain were not hiring gay people, or kicking gay people out of their restaurants,, etc then that’s a different story. But Dan Cathy is allowed to give his money to whatever cause he chooses, lest someone try to tell you that it’s wrong and you should have your right to earn a living threatened for donating to LGBT causes.

    The man is allowed to not like or support gay marriage and we have a right NOT to patronize his establishments. Trying to have them removed and barred from opening new ones because we don’t like his political/social beliefs is INSANE!

    If his business suffers because people do not wish to eat at his franchises, that’s one thing…but to try to remove them and bar new ones from opening is something NO ONE should support. SHAME ON YOU!

  • dee-dee

    Considering she plays Will’s Aunt she might actually have a problem.

  • DG

    Nothing bone head about it. I’m proud of Melissa and Dan Cathy. We still have free speech in America, gay agenda or no. Get a grip!

  • marc conder

    Hector, I did not and do not make any pretense at attempting to prevent the freedom of speech. Nor do I challenge anyone’s right to an opinion. But like everything else, every action has a consequence. Perhaps I am older, but we are a distinct minority, held in revulsion by many, disregarded by most, and given our small numbers worldwide, we must take that into consideration. In America, gays will gain the legal right for civil unions..that is consistent with our constitution. To actively take the side that NEW York, Boston, Chicago should Ban Chik-fil-A based on Mr.Cathy’s personal remarks smells very much like fascism to me. I can not see how we, who claim inclusiveness, diversity, etc can level such vile attacks against a man who spoke to another Christian about his beliefs, and never once has discriminated against gays is going to far. I want to see tolerance, respect, acceptance in my lifetime, episodes like this with gays out of control with petty demands, threats of death, wishes for the Cathys descent into hell is wrong in so many ways, in this matter, we are selves are guilty of hate speak, and I am very uncomfortable with that.

  • jack jett

    i am not getting this free speech angle.

    you either believe that all men are created equal….or you don’t.

    no gray area here.

    it is far from surprising that a washed up and out soap thespian would tweet something that might give her some press.

  • hector

    @marc conder: what major gay rights organization has called for the closing of Chick Fil-A? none. what major gay rights organization has called an official boycott of Chick Fil-A? none. This is just another attempt to silence any criticism by the gay community of the activities of the various hate groups – many that the Cathy family are supporting with huge donations.

  • Geoff B

    @DG: You’re absolutely right. She has every right to say what she did. Just like I have every right to say she’s a talentless douchebag and the sooner she’s off the show the better. Freedom of speech works both ways.

  • BBastet07

    I stumbled across this site and wanted to add to the dialogue.(I have absolutely no issue with gay marriage) The “Kiss In” was an epic Fail. First it was called a “kiss in” which just sounded absolutely juvenile. I couldn’t take it seriously, and the chick who thought it up should never be allowed to lead a protest ever again.
    Next, when cities started denying CFA permits, the gay community should have stopped it. You had the perfect opportunity to defend against bullying, which you claim to understand. You would have been then heroes. People couldn’t have denied your compassion and understanding. They would have sided with you. Now, everyone thinks the gay community supported the act, basically saying, “If you don’t agree with me then I will have the government ban your business” You really didn’t need that kind of association. No one wants to be viewed as a nail, and the government the hammer.
    If Wednesday showed you anything, like it or not, people viewed this whole mess as one man and his company being bullied for his beliefs. The rights of Gays came second. That’s the honest truth. I sympathize with your cause. I want you to have just as many rights as a straight couple, but you must learn how to go about it in a more proactive manner.

  • Mike


    Dynex, that’s not the issue. DO I wish Dan Cathy supported same-sex marriage? YES! Does he have a right not to, yes. Let’s look at it from a different angle for a moment:

    Imagine if PETA tried to have all leather bars closed because they don’t think it’s right that these bars support the use of leather and animals have a right to live out their lives WITH their original hides and to die a natural cause. Now, many would disagree with PETA, correct? We would support the leather bar owners’ right to have their establishments correct? So, isn’t it hypocritical for us to try to shut down or impede Dan Cathy’s right to have his franchises just because we don’t like his political views? If people stop eating at Chick-Fil-A because of his views, that’s democracy and the free market in action, if we try to have them removed from NYU or banned in Chicago, that’s a dictatorship.

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