Dempsey: ABC Gave Me Script For “Lesbian” Smith’s Firing

Patrick Dempsey appeared on lesbian entertainer Ellen DeGeneres‘ talk show yesterday and, yes, the conversation turned to actress Brooke Smith’s recent axing from ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Some suspect ABC gave Smith the boot because her on-screen lesbian relationship was getting a bit too serious. Dempsey gave no credence to those rumors – not because they’re not true, but because network executives told him what to say:

ABC actually sends me over what I should [say]… ‘We’ve had a great time working with her and that the conclusion of her [character] has been orgasmic’ — I’m sorry, I’m dyslexic! — ‘organic’ ending to the story line.’

I don’t know what happened with that story line. They decided not to continue it for some reason.

We weren’t inclined to believe the aforementioned rumors, but ABC’s choreographing of comments strikes us as a bit queer.

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  • me

    I can’t believe no one’s called for his head for mocking differently-abled persons (namely those with dyslexia!) He needs to publicly apologize–this is WORSE than the SNL baby-hand mishap by Kristen Wiig!

  • Sara

    His head should be called for announcing ABC’s choreographing his comments. His ass should be in the hotseat if that had been Heigl shed been convicted already

  • N

    @ No. 1 – he has dyslexia and has spoken about his condition before.

  • ggreen

    You are shocked that celebrities only say what their corporate paymasters tell them to say? Did you just fall off the turnip truck? NOTHING on TV is real even “reality” programs are scripted. Everything on TV is designed to get viewers to react emotionally. It puts them in a better state to have shit sold to them. Example: no one can live without Ped-Eggs, Swiffer mops and ill fitting jeans.

  • char

    ZOMG, GGreen, but Ped-Eggs are the most awesomest thing ever. (Not kidding though. My feet are smooth as a baby’s ass :)

  • GranDiva

    I second that Ped-Egg sentiment. I even bought the three-pack of replacement blades, ’cause a lot of foot fetishists have me on their booty call speed-dial.

  • Shy

    @Shy: How do you know he’s not dyslexic?? I am and I make comments like that all the time….

  • Amy

    He is actually dyslexic and I thought that was his attempt to lighten the mood. Give the guy a break!

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