Den Of Daddy Bears Invades Local Family Campground



Oh the majesty and wonder of bears in their natural habitat! During summer they come out in groups to forage for stray containers of peanut butter and honey drippings. But don’t fear their hunger—they’re actually gentle giants who are as curious about you as you are about them.

Via Unicorn Booty,  finder of weirdly hot videos

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  • Skeloric

    I laughed like a lunatic.
    Brilliant sati… farc… I dunno what.

  • Greybat

    Nature is AWESOME! And fuzzy.

  • Robbie K.

    I am hungry for some Bears :)

  • Tommy

    They all need to lose weight.

  • declanto

    @Tommy: Then they wouldn’t be bears, would they, Tommy? They’d be otters.

  • Trevor Bartlet

    @declanto: No, they’d be vapid, queeny, narcissistic, bitches like Tommy.

  • scribe

    Queerty thank you for posting that. Everyone except for tommy thank-you for the love. Hugs all around from the big guys.

  • Dave

    Thanks for posting this, it was funny.

    I don’t like how a lot of “Bears” that I’ve met are ex twinks/queens who think that they’re somehow LOL “bears” now even though they’re not masculine at all and because they gained some weight and can now grow facial hair.

  • shannon


  • Mav

    Jesus Christ, we need guys like that four foot wide grampa bear to patrol outside of gay clubs and defend peeps against gay bashing.

    He could probably smear four guys without breaking a sweat.

  • Howard

    This was awesome! Let’s hear it for the big boys.

  • Nate

    Screw the haters, these men are REAL MEN. Muscular, wear their weight well, and can crack a neck in half if they have to. In other words, real masculinity is hot.

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