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Did Calvin Klein’s Boyfriend Get Blown By Mason Wyler?

sean-cody-zeke-gay-pornRaise your hand if your surprised to find out Calvin Klein’s new underwear model army candy Nick Gruber (aka “Nick London” on modeling websites) had a different name altogether when he starred on

A one “Aaron Skyline” spent some time entertaining the masturbating set on amateur gay porn sites last year, including and, the former home to the newly out (as HIV-positive) star. But now he’s had his teeth touched up, skin cleaned, and maybe a few things chiseled to be the refined red carpet ready fella he is today.

Not that we should forsake Gruber the chance to reinvent himself. And the kid looks good today! And who cares if Calvin Klein, 67, is dating a twenty-year-old twink? Bless him if he cant get it. Just remember the word “dating” is used with air quotes.


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    There ain’t enough underwear and jeans in the whole world……..

  • Cam

    How nice, their wearing matching mother/daughter outfits.

  • Cam

    They’re….ugh, sorry grammar police, my excuse is that there were so many errors in the post it was contagious.

  • scott ny'er

    @Cam: mother/daughter!!! more like grandmother/daughter. Dude… SIXTY-SEVEN years old to TWENTY!

    i’d like to think I’m not a prude but that’s a big whopping age difference. What would they have in common?

  • CT

    He looked hunkier with his real teeth instead of all this porcelaine…

  • Blaine Ward

    @scott ny’er: Money! The kid is a gold-digger and Klein overlooks that fact because it gives a boost to his ego and wrinkled ass.

  • MakeItNotBeTrue

    What a sad sad man Calvin Klein has become. He used to be handsome, and instead of being an example of how to age gracefully, he had destroyed his face, and seems intent on carving up his next boytoy to the same levels. How could these two possibly have anything in common? When they parade around NYC, everyone gossips and murmurs and makes fun of the old coot and the golddigger who can be his grandson. It’s been rumored for years that Klein is a long-term HIV survivor, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s been cavorting with HIV + models.


    @scott ny’er: Scott, you ask:

    “What would they have in common?”



  • Sammy

    “Raise your hand if your surprised”

    God, please proofread and/or learn the difference between your and you’re. Or just stop using contractions when writing.

    It’s pathetic to write a bitchy piece about someone and then have such glaring grammar issues.

  • Mike

    He’s hot, I’d bang him if I were 67 even if he were after my money. Hubba Hubba

  • Enron

    Is the photo suppose to be some form of a Photoshop before and after?

  • Shade

    @CT: Are you kididng? Better teeth before? This settled it for me, I’m getting veneers!

  • Cam

    Lets see, the guy used to do porn and now is dating an older wealthy man. Can we stop being polite and just flat out say that he’s a hooker?

  • whatever

    He’s twenty?!?!

    Why oh why does he look like a heavily botoxed 48 year old???

  • anyway

    Truly, I’m baffled by the continually sex-negative tone of this website’s commentary.

    You generate the vast majority of your pageviews with semi-porn Morning Goods and juice up the pageviews even further by not providing thumbnails. But heaven forbid that a twink might actually be having secks! And with a chicken-hawk gramps like Calvin Klein!

    And now we learn about the porn! Clutch your pearls, Queerty!

    The tone over at Gawker, who I believe actually broke this story, was light: “Hey, guys, check out the nekkid pics of Klein’s boytoy! Woo hoo!” But not here: “No surprise — that boy did PORN!”

    Seriously, lighten up.

  • Russell

    You´re being bad. Don´t you say that love is ageless? lucky Calvin if he can get that guy, but too much surgery has ruined his face.

  • BillCooney

    One man’s trick is another man’s design assistant. Plus, as Sophie Tucker said, “It’s all mathematics. 20 goes into 67 more times than 67 goes into 20!”


    @BillCooney: I just threw up in my mouth……………..

  • Giovannidude

    Good luck to the good-looking twink and lucky gramps.

  • Hmm

    Calvin is GAY?!?!?

    On his wiki page it’s said he’s marriaged to women

  • scott ny'er

    @BillCooney: ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

  • dave

    Being somewhere between “twink” and “invisible” myself, I think that Mr Klein can do whatever he wants to do with the person of his choice, just as can his personal companion. Mr K didn’t just fall off of the truck, though an unfortunate facial procedure might lead one to believe that he did. It’s difficult to believe that both parties involved here don’t know what is expected of them, live and let live and get everything in writing or on tape, so as to avoid the eventual messy parting of the ways.

  • hephaestion

    Y’all act like you never saw an older man with a hot young guy on his arm before. This has been going on FOREVER. FOR. EVER.

    And so what? Straight men do it all the time. Ever heard of Hugh Hefner? What’s the big deal? The comments on this page sound like a bunch of judgemental Baptists and people way too obsessed with telling others what they can do.

  • Kyle412

    If I had Calvin’s $ I would have a hotter guy than this kid. He looks like a lesbian.

  • Michael

    “dating” means engaged, right?

  • Gerber

    @scott ny’er: What would they have in common? Diapers and new teeth?

  • Nick Farben

    Are flat tops coming back? OH NO!

  • Andre

    Bottoms up Nick!

  • L.

    @Gerber: Badum-tish!

  • TonyD

    I doubt anyone is the victim here- grand pappy Klein gets to dip his wick in the fountain of youth and the kid gets pampered like fashion royalty. Win/win, right?

  • Gigi

    @Blaine Ward: Gold digger? Do we still use that term? I guess if you’re over 50! Maybe Nick likes Calvin, and maybe he wants to be introduced to a world that he’d probably have no chance of entering were it not for his famous tour guide. I hope that he has a great party and that the vultures don’t destroy him!

  • Richard

    “OMFG, what if he spreads some of that nasty Wyleraids to our Calvin! Then what? What if the Wyleraids gets into the underwear, and infects me? I’m DDF, I don’t wanna get the Wyleraids!”

  • Oprah

    LOL you guys are weird. lol Well good for Calvin Klein. All of you would do the same thing Klein is doing if you had his money. I think i see lots of green envy in the room. he he he

    But seriously, in the name of common decency–why people embrace age or the aging process? Seriously, it is a privilege to age, others dont have this. They die of AIDS or run by the bus before the 40th birthday. Dont you love age and death? That is one thing rich folks cannot control. he he he

  • Richard

    But seriously, whoever the jackass was that said Calvin Klein is rumored to be HIV positive is a fool. Google it, and this article is the ONLY thing on the internet indicating such a thing. Just because someone touched someone who touched someone who went on to be poz doesn’t mean they have HIV. Christ almighty people, we’re getting a little thick with our leprosy analogy aren’t we?

  • TTime

    Richard : I don’t know if Klein has HIV or not, but I know it’s always been a rumor. I’ve heard it for years. That he’d caught it like so many of the Studio 54 crowd. Part of what carried the rumor was that he’d seemed to get very skinny for a long time. Also that he was one of the first guys on “the cocktail.”

  • v

    When younger, I sneered at older guys looking for or even “buying” younger partners. Now, not so much. When time is growing shorter, and no amount of exercise or surgery can make you forget just how old you are…well,being around a young and beautiful partner might make it more palatable. Enjoy Calvin!

  • oilburner

    I think older guys are hot. I Appreciate daddy D*ck

  • Guillermo3

    @anyway: Thanks,anyway!
    The general tone of most comments so far is a cartoon of
    negative stereo types of gays as bitchy queens.
    In this case,despite whatever motivations/feelings may
    be involved(and How would anyone here know?Why would
    anyone care?) the bottom line is probably the bottom line
    for this couple:It’s all about $$$$$$$$$.
    It would be nice if we could leave off all this carping
    and discuss ageism in the gay [alleged] community.


    He ain’t no 50s … he’s got to be heading into the late 60s( or already in the 70s) and pulled so tight his scrotum is an “Adam’s Apple” … I’m hitting 60 this year and no ones touching my skin.… a fashion person usually surrounds themselves with beauty… look at ” horse face” Donatello Versace!! She surrounds herself with pretty people and it’s suppose to ” boost” your beauty quotient ?? Nothing wrong with a consenting younger guy dating an older man… sometimes it’s a learning experience for both and I mean that in a good way. But if I need to, I know I’m an escort person but my 11 month younger brother has gone the dating route and it’s interesting … all done by dinner groups and secretly telling the leader of the company, that someone likes you or my brother …. Then there are one on one dates. Very cool I think and no pressure … not very close with my brother as I am with my two older brothers but we are “civil” now in semi old age:-)

  • Matt


  • Aaron

    At some point, we have to take our own medicine. If we want everyone else to let us love who we love and live our own lives, then we need to let others do the same. They are both consenting adults, their relationship isn’t affecting you in any way whatsoever. Isn’t that what we say to the DOMA bigots? It’s one thing to be snarky (please work on those eyebrows, boy!), it’s another thing to say this relationship is disgusting.

  • wetcnt

    @MakeItNotBeTrue: He’s not only HIV positive, but he’s a meth head.

  • wetcnt

    @Aaron: But it IS disgusting.

  • Raquel Santiago

    @scott ny’er: That they actually look like twins??? Just at different ages.

  • Raquel Santiago

    @Guillermo3: Honestly wont matter, have done a few papers on this in the community and its still going to be there, reason..we are still only human.

  • scotshot

    @scott ny’er: Money is a great age equalizer & social lubricant. Also they can be dumb as a brick and people flock to them.

  • scotshot

    @anyway: I think a lot of these guys don’t realize they’re looking into a mirror of themselves 30 – 40 years from now. It’s time for them to start saving. Aging makes you a lot prettier with a healthy portfolio.

  • Mark

    Just disgusting ; that twink should be ashamed to sleep with someone old enough to be his grandfather …

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