Did Focus On The Family Really Just Admit That DOMA Screws Children Too?

Today marks the start of Senator Patrick Leahy’s historic “Defense Of Marriage Act” hearings where a bunch of white people will blubber on about how DOMA helps and hurts America. Awesomely, Leahy questioned Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery and got him to admit that because DOMA denies the children of legally-married gay couples certain financial benefits that the law screws over kids.

Remember this is a group that love, Love, LOVES DOMA. It’s kinda like getting an Oompa Loompa to admit that Willy Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstoppers poison children.

You can watch the riveting video of Minnery’s admission below; it’s like watching milk curdle… IN DIGITAL VIDEO!

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  • TMikel

    DOMA will soon be history.

  • Pete n SFO


    it’s just painful on all counts.

    I’m grateful for Sen Leahy’s making this very relevant point, but at risk of being accused of being ageist, would a mandatory retirement age really be a bad thing?

  • randy

    @Pete n SFO: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It’s never going to happen.

  • Nice Sean

    “It’s not a trick question.” Really odd that this old guy has our back, I guess we have more friends than we thought.

  • pre-Stonewaller

    @Pete n SFO: Gandhi was old too. I think he did a lot for human rights as well. So did Nelson Mandela. Ageism is just another stupid form of bigotry. Those of you in the GLBT community who make an issue of it should be ashamed. What about your GLBT brothers and sisters who are over fifty and who have experienced more prejudice and more oppression than you younger ones will ever know in your lifetimes. Don’t they deserve respect for their struggles before and after Stonewall, and the battles they won that got us all to where we are today? When you honor them, you honor yourselves. Remember that.

  • Pete n SFO

    @pre-Stonewaller: as I said, ‘at risk of being accused of being ageist’

    Dude, I AM OVER 50! :)

    I just think when you’ve sat behind a mic for decades, & knowing that you have a huge audience, that you ought to be prepared enough to utter a coherent sentence in less than say… 5 minutes!!!

    I know lots of people that are older & dynamic. Trash me if you want, but some of these politicians could do more by grooming replacements than by holding a grip on their status & privilege.

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