Dinesh D’Souza’s Anti-Gay Tirade Defies Reality, Reason

It’s rare to read a homophobe’s take on Catholic sexual abuse without finding a correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia. By some miracle, however, the Hoover Institute’s Dinesh D’Souza not only avoids the erroneous comparison, he refutes it!

He only does so, however, to further demonize the ever-predatory, sexually combustible and downright dirty gays:

In the vast majority of [abuse] cases we aren’t dealing with pedophilia–an extremely rare disorder that is no more prevalent in the Catholic church than it is elsewhere in society–but rather with homosexual priests taking advantage of their authority to seduce teenage parishoners and altar boys.

Today’s New York Times features a a weeping woman named Esther Miller, who considered suicide after being abused by a trusted holy man. We wouldn’t expect D’Souza to acknowledge the female victims, however – that would only poke holes in his unholy argument.

D’Souza’s piece somehow – we’re still not really sure how – links the record breaking Catholic Church payout with the Department of Defense’s discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. The church, he writes, provides the perfect cautionary example for what happens when an “all-male organization” allows gay to “become institutionally entrenched”. Without rhyme or reason (especially reason) D’Souza claims that the military would break down if it allowed gay men, although he fails to provide any justification for his half-assed argument. Instead, he praises the Spartan’s phalanx: the use of gay lovers in the army:

The Spartans are one of the few groups in history to allow homosexuals in the military. They tried to use it to fighting advantage. The idea was that men would be more willing to die for the sake of partners to whom they had become sexually attached. o the Spartans fought as couples, with each young soldier romantically linked to an older veteran. Typically the older veteran played the “male” or dominant role and the youthful recruit the “female” or passive role in the relationship.

We’re not sure if that’s exactly how it worked… Regardless, the Spartans still stand as one of history’s greatest armies. So, really, D’Souza seems to be arguing for gay soldiers.

Realizing he’s backed into a corner, D’Souza simply laughs off his own logic:

Should the United States army set up gay platoons, where camaraderie is based not on team loyalty and male friendship but rather on sexual partnering among veteran soldiers and new recruits? I mentioned this to a friend in the armed forces and he could only forsee one benefit. He noted that if the American military gets soundly whipped in a future engagement, we could always laugh off the defeat and say, ‘Well, yeah, but you only beat a bunch of gays.”

We’re absolutely dumbfounded.

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