Director, Bear Icon Kevin Smith Says Anti-Gay Fundamentalists “Are Hiding Something”

Perhaps as a counterpoint to has-been actor Kirk Cameron, Piers Morgan welcomed director Kevin Smith (Red State) onto his CNN chat show last night. The outspoken filmmaker spoke candidly about how irritated he gets with judgmental fundamentalists (us too), especially when they go after gay people like his brother:

“My brother’s a great guy—goes to church [and] doesn’t screw anybody over, and yet he’s still got some religious yahoos and politicos over to the side going: ‘Change your ways or you’re going to hell,’”  Smith said. “Stay out of my brother’s bedroom, buddy. Like I don’t know what else to tell you. He’s a good dude, as are most people in this world.”



Later, Smith discussed how he felt presidential hopeful Rick Santorum really jumped the shark when he went after porn:

“Santorum lost it the moment he was like, ‘I’m going after pornography.’ Because for a lot of us, [we’re] like ‘Buddy, that’s all I got!’”

Like, right after prayer in school and job creation, access to porn is the number one thing most Republicans care about.


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  • jiimm

    LOVE KEVIN SMITH, now there’s a guy who actually says stuff in an honest and authentic manner.

  • DouggSeven

    This election is turning into a ‘do up accept gay people?’ or ‘do you not accept gay perople?’ as the number one issue. With the economy, foreign affairs, health care, and a great deal of other social issues taking a backseat…trunk, rather.

  • MJ

    @DouggSeven: you’re right about that :(

  • Chris

    No, that was 2004. There’s actually not that much gay talk in the presidential election this time around. Especially since Santorum’s not going to get the nomination.

  • Name (required)

    Well, OF COURSE the republiluddites are going to go back and try social issues. The economy is getting better, jobless numbers down for what? 3-4 months now?

    They have to go back to “gawd, guns and gays”.

  • dvd-junkie

    God, he’s cute.

  • Drew

    Kevin Smith is apparently bisexual and closeted, so he’s the one “hiding something”.

  • Mike

    Kevin Smith is not a bear icon since he’s apparently straight, or if he’s closeted as others said he wants to pretend he’s straight. Just because he’s obese and fat and has some facial hair it doesn’t make him bear or bear icon. Most bears and gay men in general don’t know the first thing about actually being masculine.

  • Belize

    @Drew: Did he ever deny being bisexual (if ever he is) because unless he did that, that’s not hiding.

  • Drew

    @Belize-He’s certainly NOT out about being bisexual at all, but it’s not a secret he’s living in a glass closet and he does pretend that he’s “Straight”.

  • dvd-junkie

    @Drewhyw: Why does everyone who isn’t a homophobic prick have to be gay or bi?

  • stoopid louie

    @Drew: I may be stoopid but . . .
    Kevin Smith is hopelessly heterosexual, regardless of what the militant Outers may claim. Case closed, find someone else to fantasize about being secretly gay.

  • Rockery

    “Bear Icon” LOL

  • Just being real

    LMAO I agree Rockery Smith thinks he’s a “Bear icon” just because he’s obese and got thrown off a plane since he didn’t want to buy 2 seats for his fat a ss!

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