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Dirk Shafer’s Death Caused By Cocaine, Meth And Heart Disease

10406436_10152641021722231_7839567006844746398_nThe death of Dirk Shafer, the model, actor and fitness trainer who became a heartthrob to most straight women and gay men when he was named Playgirl‘s “Man of the Year in 1992, was caused by “methamphetamine and cocaine toxicity,” according to results of an autopsy performed on the 52 year old.

The L.A. County Coroner’s office released its finding April 29 and noted that he suffered from hypertensive cardiovascular disease. Shafer was found dead in his car parked on a West Hollywood street March 5.

1-489x670Shafer made a 1995 film, Man of the Year, which was a fictional look at the experience of posing nude for Playgirl and how readers were shocked to learn he was gay.

Shafer also appeared on Will & Grace in 2001 as a character named Blaze. The same year he directed Circuit, which looked at the gay party scene and played at numerous film festivals. In 2012, Shafer again posed nude for Playgirl to commemorate the 2oth anniversary of his first layout.

He was buried last month at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in a private ceremony attended by his family from Oklahoma.


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  • Clai Green

    And Jeffrey Sankee is still throwing the largest drug parties in the country for AIDS hmmm interesting

  • Glücklich

    Yikes! I like a little tootskie a couple of times a year but meth…*shudders*

  • Max Frazier

    I wasn’t aware that he had died. So sad.

  • Bruce Dillon

    Rest In Peace Dirk Shafer

  • Mason Boggs

    Somehow I guessed this one

  • Michael Golden

    This is Sad…. He was wonderful.

  • lykeitiz

    A tabloid star before social media.
    When it comes to gay movies, I’m hard to impress, but I thought “Circuit” was good.
    So sad to hear this……

  • Kangol

    @TrueWords: Thanks for the video. Very sad, and once again, RIP Dirk Shafer.

  • Robert Young

    Very sad, drugs always win.

  • Ron Jackson

    One wonders if he knew he had high blood pressure? Hypertension (the silent killer) doesn’t play well with crap like meth. RIP

  • Realitycheck

    @Ron Jackson:
    I think it was the cocaine if he had Hypertension, that is really bad mix,
    especially if he was taking steroids, one notorious cause of hypertensions.
    It is always the same trap, want to look good and feel good?
    Exercise diet and Steroids, and that will make you look good, then
    offer drugs to hot guys, they will come running……… and you feel good.

  • sportyguy1983

    Is anyone really surprised?

  • da90027

    It is sad I left my last ex due to meth. I had heard he had a drug problem. It shows that no matter what someones life appears to be on the outside you never know what is going on in their mind. Sad story all around.

  • Bauhaus


    Smoke a bone and call it a day.

  • bottom250

    I am in tears his penis and body were beautiful

  • pscheck2

    This is something I don’t understand with these Celebes’s. They are usually successful, have it all: looks, body and popularity! and ,yet, they seem to want more! So many of these rising stars throw it away by indulging in drugs, alcohol and in some cases a dangerous lifestyle! No level of accomplishment seems to satisfy them–they keep pushing the envelop until their luck runs out and tragedy finally claims them! I think it is a question of ego, immaturity and a little bit of narcissism! Well, at least he lived to middle age, so he lived long enough to have a full life and, apparently, an enjoyable one!

  • Saint Law

    @Realitycheck: Your posts all read like poems composed by a six year old girl.

  • Saint Law

    @bottom250: Tears from your penis?

  • Terrence Houlihan

    GOD SPEED MY FRIEND! I pray you found PEACE !!

  • Jairo Mendez

    Ohh, Por Dios, Dirk y en Cuanto a Mi cabe Gracias , Muchisimas Gracias Dirk Por que a Traves de sus peliculas Yo Soñe, y hasta me Hiciste Sentir Vivo. Ciao Dirk, y alla Nos Vemos.

  • Stache99

    @Adrian Michael Ornelas: Someone looking for a stronger high. I would do coke and if I ran out or wanted something much stronger I would do meth.

  • electrongreen

    His choice after all.

  • Tombear

    A very good friend of mine recently died. He was built like a brick shit house and he was absolutely beautiful. He died at 42! He used steroids to build his muscle mass and meth to keep the fat off. He is dead now. I was never as big as he was and have a constant fight with extra pounds but I am alive and he is dead. I don’t like saying it but you guys who what the easy way to a muscular body will kill yourself with meth and drugs but then again I’m not your mother and you can do what you want to do!

  • tusgold

    I am really not buying htis shit gay porn makes them crazy

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