Does A No H8 Photo Give Courtney Love License To Talk Smack About Gays?

When we first saw this new picture from the No H8 Campaign, we thought, who is that genderless, tattooed woodland nymph creature?

But then we remembered that the No H8 Campaign hates wrinkles, frown lines, blotchy skin and acne scars as much as it hates homophobia. It was then that we realized we were looking at a picture of the equally revered and reviled Courtney Love. (Although, if someone was to tell us this was an aggressively Photoshopped picture of Bret Michaels, we might believe it.)

Though we might joke about how much the No H8 Campaign wants everyone they shoot to look like a pre-teen, gay-friendly alien version of themselves, we do have to tip our hats to them: Their continued dedication to using celebrities to raise awareness about homophobia is definitely a good thing.


But doing a photo with them is not a get-out-of-jail-free card.

We’ve been Courtney fans through thick and thin: back to when nut-job theorists swore she killed Kurt, through her various tangles with the law and a variety of plastic surgeons, the America’s Sweetheart album that even she ragged on, years of paranoid rants detailing that people were conspiring to steal from her, and even when Frances Bean Cobain said she didn’t want to hear from her anymore.

But in the past year Courtney has warned Lady Gaga of the perils of surrounding herself with gay men and allowed her drummer to encourage audience members “The Foo Fighters are gay.”

Does getting a No H8 pic taken give Love license to make digs at gays? No, just like it doesn’t for Isaiah Washington and Patti Stanger, both of whom popped up gagged and tattooed after accusations of homophobia.

But does this pic serve as proof that, despite what may fly out of her mouth or be tolerated on her stage, Love ultimately an ally? Maybe.


Images via Fuck Yeah Courtney Love, Tom Edwards

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