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Does This Sexy Webcam Man Look An Awful Lot Like Reichen Lehmkuhl? (Update: Yup)

On March 25 a user on — which may or may not have more exposed penis than ChatRoulette — named “cam4ra” last signed on to his account. The Internet is, in NSFW terms, abuzz with how much this fella looks like Reichen Lehmkuhl, the A-List: New York and bedtime webcam star. On, the user claims to be 36 (Reichen is 37, according to Wikipedia) and 6’2 (Reichen is 6’1, according to his modeling page). Both real and possibly fake Reichen say they live in New York, NY. Huh! I think the trick is to compare chins? Or, if you’ve been with him in a way that Austin Armacost kept alluding to on the series, you can compare other objects. UPDATE: According to one reader who chatted with Reichen, yes, that is him on cam.

Here’s the chat Reichen had with a friend and Queerty reader:

REICHEN · 6:11pm
Well I’ve jacked off on cam lots of times.
Is there an actual video?

READER: · 6:11pm
ok. so it’s you then
no…it’s screen shots of you

REICHEN· 6:13pm
Yep I think so
I haven’t looked
I don’t look at my press and I can’t break the rule!
But lots of people are writing me and saying it’s me

REICHEN [regarding the bisexual status he wrote on his profile] · 6:30pm
that was probably a mistake
wait they dont’ show my cock right?
i heard it’s blurred out

READER· 6:31pm
it’s not blurred
it’s juicy

REICHEN· 6:32pm
on what site?

READER· 6:32pm!5788930/reichen-lehmkuhl-jacks-off-for-all-the-world-to-see

REICHEN· 6:33pm
Nothing’s sacred anymore I guess

READER · 6:33pm
well who cares. If i looked that good, I’d be happy to show everyone

REICHEN· 6:34pm
you’re helping me feel better. I guess. It looks that good?

[via NSFW]

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  • lol

    that looks like him alright, he has/had an adam4adam account oo – pretty much the same set up. bound to happen.

  • Aaron

    There’s just one problem: This guy says he’s Bisexual, and last time I checked, Reichen isn’t. Or maybe he is and just says he’s gay to make things easier. Whatever.

  • jj

    right, [email protected]Aaron: right aaron, because guys always tell the truth in their online profiles…lmao. If I had to put money on it, I’d bet it was him.

  • ~PR~

    He’s hot!

  • Devon

    That’s about 3x bigger than I was expecting, so good for him I suppose.

  • justiceontherocks

    This could be a few thousand guys in NYC.

  • Kyle

    The concave pattern between his pectorals is a match. It’s usually unique to each person.

    Also, I remember someone saying on The A-List that he had a “disappointing [member]”. It’s certainly not as large as I expected it to be, but I like it.

  • Disgusted Gay American

    its his business if he wants to do it on one elses…dont like it..dont watch.

  • UWSguy

    of course it’s him. He’s a fame whore. This is no big surprise? BTW, I do like his cock

  • Soupy

    You mean if I get remotely famous, I can’t jack off on cam? No thank you!

  • alan brickman

    Bring back morning goods!!

  • JT

    What’s the big deal? It’s just some dude on webcam.

    I don’t care if this guy is semi-famous or the guy of the moment what’s with the trashy “OMG he was caught jacking off on webcam!!!!1” story?

  • Shannon

    1. That dick is ~~~TINY~~~~~I would nor show that to anyone!

  • alejandro

    eww it looks so gross :S

  • Jonathan

    Come on, that ain’t nothing at all. He’s as flat as they come.

  • B

    No. 14 · jeff4justice wrpte. “A fellow gay told me I am too slutty to be a gay leader for being on sites like this. What do ya’ll think? I vlog about it at

    I think you overreacted, assuming his letter to you was not published by him. You should have just sent him a note telling him to mind his own business.

    Also, you might want to check copyright law before posting his letter – he automatically owns the copyright on it.

  • jeff4justice

    @B: Thanks for the feedback B. Fair comment.

    However, I reacted very deliberately. For a self-righteous LGBT leader wannabe to veil himself in the “think of the children” banner as reason to treat gays he finds on hookup sites as disposable to cater to homophobia is appalling (unless they’re promoting unsafe sex or sex with kids). Next, I don’t think a Facebook correspondence counts as copyrighted material.

  • sam

    Who cares? Remember that cool cute boyfriend he had on the amazing race? what ever happened to him.

    R’s fifteen minutes was up about ten years ago – WILL HE EVER JUST F’ING GO AWAY?

  • Cam

    Um…ok, so during “The A List” he wanted an open relationship and to sleep with other guys… we’re supposed to be shocked that he jerks off on web cam with people?

  • Spike

    He doesn’t read his press.

    Err, news that jacking off on an open webcam is considered ‘press’?

    Now thats funny!!!! I’m thinking he’s been doing this for a while now just so he can get the press.

  • Ryan

    Gotta love Queerty. Their confirmation that this is actually Reichen is “a reader wrote us and said he talked to him”. I mean, Woodward and Bernstein, watch out! Next you’ll be telling us he’s half bat-boy.

  • Labi Ajeti

    hahaha u know its true

  • TJ

    It was only a matter of time.

    Next, he’ll be doing porn with that other reality reject from the Big Brother show, Steven Daigle.

    He doesn’t read his press? What a joke – this self absorbed queen reads every last word of it.

    I guess being a ‘role model for LGBT’ youth doesn’t really pay anything. Neither does making ugly jewelry. Maybe this will get him a porn contract.

  • Spike

    Queerty is getting quite a lot of web buzz over this matter. Shock and awe it would involve a d-list himbo self absorbed idiot jacking off headless on a webcam site that allow everyone to be a amateur porn performer for anyone that will watch. If you check out cam4, it appears that they cue each camera according to how many are watching, hardly a surprise that Reichen would this site.

    Agreed regarding the above post by TJ, just a matter of time before he’s doing main stream porn. BTW, it appears that he has deleted his cam4 account, go figure. And for the record, he has a pencil dick.

  • Sunil

    INSIDE INFO — I just talked to my friend from NYC and he filled me in. Yes, that was Reichen Lehmkuhl. Apparently the executives at Logo (the TV channel), got wind of what he was doing and asked (ordered) him to take it down.

    I’m just so disappointed in Reichen. He started out as a gay advocate by writing that book about being gay in the Air Force, and tried to be a spokesman for SLDN. But apparently he figured he could get a lot more fame and $$$ by simply being the shallow, narcissistic queen that he really is.

    And then he (& the cast of A-list) recorded a video for “It gets better.” Because all gay kids should know that they too can be self-absorbed queens who count calories, sunbathe on rooftops, and steal each other’s boyfriends.

    Porn should be the next stop for Reichen — “bisexual” my @ss — you know that he’s a bottom.

  • David

    Sad meat.

  • Mason

    Really much ado about nothing.

  • Darren

    Well, I still and always will think he’s absolutely friggin’ gorgeous!
    Beautiful face, AWESOME body and perfect member.
    Always what I’ve wanted to see. And I still wanna see more.
    Beautiful man!
    I wish I could get a piece of that.

  • KenUSA

    I always suspected he had a tineeweenie itsybitsy dick!

  • jckfmsincty

    It’s a little bigger than I thought it would be. And, I wasn’t expecting much.

  • Raymond smallwood


  • mark

    That is a lot bigger than he was the last time I saw it but he was on his back with his feet over his head

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