DOMA-Defender Paul Clement Can’t Decide Which he Likes Less: Gays, Immigrants, or Sick People

That Paul Clement is one busy character! Not only is he busy defending DOMA in court on behalf of House Speaker John Boehner, but now he’s also going to defend Arizona’s “show us your papers” anti-immigrant law. He is pictured at right in a photoshopping that we made a few weeks ago for reasons that escape us at the moment.

It’s still unclear how Boehner is going to pay Clement. The $500,000 for DOMA’s defense still hasn’t been allocated, an apparent violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act. Boehner promises that the money is in place — he just won’t say exactly where it is, and hopes that you will trust him. Okay!

Clement’s paycheck in Arizona is a bit more secure: bumbling Governor Jan Brewer set up a legal defense fund that’s raised $3.8 million from donors who find brown people to be highly suspicious. Clement’s take so far is $150,000, and will increase as the case progresses.

With those two high-profile cases on his desk, we wonder how much time he’ll have to devote to one of his other pet projects: suing the federal government to stop universal health care.

Clearly, as a wealthy straight white man, he brings a unique perspective to all of these issues.

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  • divkid

    vile! vile! vile!


    This is one ideologically driven lawyer(Surprise he was in the Bush Administration). He does seem to be consistent.If your not white rich and straight you have no rights.

  • delurker

    be careful queerty. the gay cons are getting their frilly pink panties in a bunch
    over this.

    cue the gay con herd coming over here posting that you are oppressing a conservative,
    rich, straight, well-connected white male–the most maginalized and downtrodden
    minority group in America right now. their angry tears will flow! :*/

  • Little man

    Blah, blah, blah, is all this is – queer speculation.

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