Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump

Don Jr. and Eric Trump teamed up and tried to dunk on Pride Month. But unsurprisingly, the two wound up just owning themselves.

Don Jr. shared a video on Instagram Monday of Eric digging holes in the ground. For the outdoorsy occasion, he was wearing a cream sweater and very tight white pants tucked into rubber boots.

That means, of course, that Eric must be… gay! At least, in Don Jr.’s sophomoric, middle-aged mind.

The “joke,” if there is one, appears to be that Eric genuinely wore tight white pants to perform manual labor. But if that’s the case, then the Trump brothers are just telling on themselves. Only somebody who’s never picked up a shovel, or even seen one, would think spiffy white trousers are appropriate for the fields.

That’s the opposite image that Don Jr. and Eric like to project. Despite growing up as privileged real estate scions, they both like to exude rugged masculinity. Don Jr. is an avid hunter, never missing a chance to pose in camo. The real life Ken Roy is always serving… Fifth Avenue Redneck.

A true man of the wild, Don Jr. frequently embarked on exotic hunting expeditions while his daddy was in the White House, including a trip to Mongolia that cost U.S. taxpayers more than $75,000.

Eric, for his part, wants people to know he didn’t experience a luxurious childhood. In a particularly embarrassing interview, he claimed his dad made him work on construction sites before he was a teenager.

“He also made us work very, very hard. I was on construction sites when I was 11, 12 years old, breaking down walls, concrete, sheetrock, plumbing,” said Eric. “Stuff I literally still do for myself these days.”

There’s no word on whether 12-year-old Eric wore butt-hunging chinos while blowing up said sheetrock…

In another tell that the Trump brothers are faking everything, the aforementioned video was filmed at the Trump family’s own winery. The owner of Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia, Eric opened Trump Cidery earlier this month.

If you thought that Eric purchased the winery himself, by the way, you would be mistaken. Donald Trump bought the vineyard in 2011 before transferring ownership to his son. What humble beginnings!

Speaking of Eric, the middle Trump son appears to be in the family doghouse.

While Don Jr. and Tiffany also showed up to their dad’s hush money trial (after Trump grumbled about his lack of support), Eric was the only one in the courtroom while the verdict was read. In fact, he attended the trial more than any other family member, according to the BBC.

Long the forgotten Trump couple, Eric and his wife, Lara, are priming themselves for big roles heading into the election. Lara is the new chairwoman of the RNC, and doing a great job of throwing gasoline on the existing dumpster fire.

When Lara first took the job, she vowed to direct “every single penny” in the RNC’s coffers towards her father-in-law’s reelection bid.

“I can assure you there will be no funny business,” she said on something called Real America’s Voice. “Anyone who is not on board with seeing Donald Trump as the 47th President and America-loving patriots all the way down the ticket being supported by the RNC is welcome to leave. Because we are not playing games and we have no time to waste.”

Months later, “MAGA Barbie” appears to be living up to her word. She recently threatened to pull support from former Maryland governor Larry Hogan, arguably the GOP’s best Senate candidate, because he urged Americans to “accept the verdict” in Trump’s hush money case.

For a party that’s struggled to field electable candidates, denouncing an ex-Republican governor who left office with a 77% approval rating in a blue state isn’t a smart move!

But the Trump klan has never been very smart, have they? The latest proof is in Don Jr.’s failed Pride joke.

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