Self-proclaimed "ex-gay" has Bible, will thump

Donnie McClurkin Adds to Obama Drama

donniemcclurkin2.jpgWhether or not you believe controversial gospel star Donnie McClurkin is sincere in his assertion that he was “delivered” from a his homosexuality by the power of God’s graces, his performance last night in Columbia, South Carolina had “drama queen” written all over it.

McClurkin has been a hot potato for Prez hopeful Barack Obama in recent weeks, splitting his Democratic supporters along lines that usually differentiate the Democratic Party from the GOP. And according to The New York Times, McClurkin’s contribution to Sunday’s gospel rally and concert in support of Obama didn’t do much to mend fences. At the close of the three-hour show, McClurkin took center stage to give the crowd a finale that included some of his greatest pulpit hits to date, including:

Don’t call me a bigot or anti-gay when I have suffered the same feelings!”

God delivered me from homosexuality!”

The greatest change a person can have is not in politics!”

and the sure-to-be-hit…

Believe the Bible over the blogs!”

“Obama’s Gospel Concert Tour” [New York Times Caucus]

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  • Dawster

    god delivered me from homosexuality too! (twice on saturday night).

    Donnie need to go AWAY. the more he talks the more shame he brings to gays and blacks.

    what’s worse, Obama wasn’t even present! he phoned in a message.

  • faghag

    Hate to break it to you homo but God doesn’t exist , think of all the hot sex you’re missing out on .
    Can’t these fuckers lean to STFU , Obama is as good as finished after this.

  • thatguyfromboston

    I don’t know if Obama’s finished or even if his campaign should be brought down by one self-hating homo. What I do know is that when I look at the pictures of Donnie the first thought that comes to mind is “Cocksucker”

  • DavidDust

    In the dictionary under “gayface” there is a picture of Miss Donnie.

  • Leland Frances

    Unfucking believable!!! Since arrogantly refusing to dump McClurkin after being begged to by gays and straights of all colors, was it too much to believe that Obama and his staff would beg, plead, threaten McClurking to shut the fuck up and just sing????

  • adamblast

    It is *NOT* a harmless difference of religous opinion to say that being gay is shameful, sinful and wrong, but can be “cured” with enough faith.

    The ex-gay movement creates misery everywhere it goes, and with everyone it touches. It feeds on the most vulnerable among us–those of us with shame burning in their hearts–and adds fuel to that fire. It’s an invitation to mental illness, repression, hypocracy and the kind of Brokeback marriages that wreck whole families.

    I spent my teen years trying to pray the gay away. I’m still fucked up ’cause of it.

    Someone who encourages that kind of preaching– and gives it a stage and a forum–is my enemy, not my friend. Buhbye, Obama.

  • Leland Frances

    PS: Thanks for posting this, Qs! Most sites are just going with the marshmallow fluff AP report by someone who either left the concert early or is secretly rooting for Obama and didn’t want to further embarrass him.

    McClurkin clearly went home with a major Media Whore’s boner after rubbing everyone’s nose in it, particularly his stubborn, arrogant host, the Big O himself. Clicking on the linked NYT article finds:

    “At Barack Obama’s gospel concert here last night, more than 2,000 black evangelicals were singing, waving their hands and cramming the aisles — most enthusiastically when Donnie McClurkin, the superstar black gospel singer, decried the criticism he has generated because of his views that homosexuality is a choice.
    He said his past statements about homosexuality had been twisted and he had been unfairly maligned. He segued into a hymn about standing up for one’s self and thrust a defiant fist toward the ceiling. This led to a short pitch for Mr. Obama, who, he said, stands for change. “But the greatest change a person can have is not in politics,” he said. “There is only one king.”
    Mr. McClurkin is the preacher who had said he was gay but was “cured” through prayer and tonight he was the star act in a parade of star acts, which included the Mighty Clouds.

    … The whole controversy might have been forgotten in the swell of gospel sound except Mr. McClurkin turned the final half hour of the three-hour concert into a revival meeting about the lightning rod he has become for the Obama campaign.

    He approached the subject gingerly at first. Then, just when the concert had seemed to reach its pitch and about to end, Mr. McClurkin returned to it with a full-blown plea: “Don’t call me a bigot or anti-gay when I have suffered the same feelings,” he cried.

    “God delivered me from homosexuality,” he added. He then told the audience to believe the Bible over the blogs: “God is the only way.” The crowd sang and clapped along in full support.”

    We don’t know how many votes Obama won, but apparently Homodemonization won in a landslide.

    By the way, a local gay Black man who was among those protesting outside, wrote on A. McEwen’s site:

    “A black woman who stood in line for the concert marched over to us and declared: ‘God made man for woman and woman for man’. She said a couple of other things of a Biblical nature (how homosexuality is ugly in God’s sight, blah blah blah), but I tuned her out. …as she went on her tirade, I recognized a few of the faces going into the concert as those belonging to gay black men I knew.

    As more attendees went in, I recognized quite a few more gay black men. And let me tell you from the start that these men were not going into this concert looking to embrace McClurkin’s message of being ‘delivered’.

    These men probably went in, clapped loudly, danced in religious ecstacy . . .and then went back home to their psychological closets.”

  • maverick69

    Thrust a defiant fist towards someones’ ass would have been more like it.

  • UndercoverPants

    OBAMA ’08, fuckers. The conservative right is loving you right now for the huge favor you’re doing all of them. Are you all really that solipsistic?

    And you know what? When Hillary sells all your asses down the river (she will, I promise)I am just going to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. And laugh. Because your muckrackin asses gonna reap what y’all sow.

  • Leland Frances

    Too late for Hillary, FOOL! Obama already sold our asses down the river, and Captain Donnie was steering the boat!

    I’ll still vote for him in the general should a miracle happen and he get the nom or VP slot, but don’t fucking try to tell me it was only raining after he fucking pissed all over our legs. He’s betting he’ll gain more nongay Black votes than lose gay votes of whatever color by this bullshit.

    And his campaign further fucked up with contradiction in the memo they distributed at the concert [emphasis already within the article:

    “Aides gave reporters a three-page memo detailing McClurkin’s and Obama’s views on gay rights that noted in capital letters “MCCLURKIN DOES NOT WANT TO CHANGE GAYS AND LESBIANS WHO ARE HAPPY WITH THEIR LIVES AND HAS CRITICIZED CHURCH LEADERS WHO DEMONIZE HOMOSEXUALS,” with quotes detailing those statements from the singer.

    The next paragraph then stated “OBAMA DOES NOT AGREE WITH MCCLURKIN’S VIEWS ON GAYS.” – Washington Post

  • Tallulahyoga

    “God delivered me from homosexuality”

    “I am trying to make myself believe that I am not queer.”

    Misguided hope:
    “I hope I am not lying.”

    The TRUTH:
    “I am lying.”

    Full Translation:
    “God delivered me from homosexuality” = “I am lying.”

    Moral of the Story:
    “Stop Lying. It is irritating to the rest of us who understand how reality works.”

    Love to all of y’all,
    Tallulah Yoga

  • underbear1

    As offensive as McClurkin was, the experience I’ve had on Obama’s blog in the LGBT section made me even ANGRIER. Lying Vile BREEDERS can kiss my queer ass.
    I couldn’t give a f*ck LESS now, if Obama comes in dead last in the Primaries, and he was who I planned to vote for…..F*CK IT!

  • underbear1

    Donnie McClurkin,

    When the LGBT community catches you trickin’ with a guy, (and we WILL)…HELL hath no fury…you’ll think you are starring in the Passion of the Christ…B*TCH!

  • Alexa

    I was arguing with clueless straight people all weekend over this. Straight people who are generally very gay friendly. They just didn’t see it as a big deal. Not that it will make any difference as they were all Hillary supporters anyway.

  • Majic

    First of all, I guess “strongly urging” to have Donnie dropped didn’t work. I think it was a bias request because it says gays want to be accepted for their belief (OK to be gay), but don’t want others to be accepted despite their beliefs (Not OK to be gay).

    I also think challenging African-American religious leaders is misleading. Gays ONLY challenge the Christian religion, because Muslims and Jews don’t accept them PERIOD. You would think that gays would appreciate Christianity for embracing them when the others don’t. Not going to happen though. You give a person an inch, you know the rest.

    People will have to be legally blind to believe that a person’s skin color can be compared to two people of the same gender having sex. Do you see how stupid that sounds? Oh, and FYI, what is even more stupid, it’s always compared to black skin, no other color. The trick is this—It’s like being black, why we would want the controversy? Good question.

    When it comes to God, he doesn’t approve of sex out of wedlock. Is there a such thing as a gay virgin? I’ll wait for the answer. Time’s up. I didn’t think so either. Homosexuality is about sex and that’s it. You can love people of the same gender, but CAN’T YOU KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOTHES? I hope no one does to your children what was done to Donnie as child.

    This is my conclusion, if all people want to bring their sexual issues to church, you have to accept the following 3 rules and warning.

    1. All adulterers, fornicators, masturbators, child molesters and homosexuals will have equal say, without being shut out.
    2. All of the issues must be brought up in the Mosques, Temples and Churches everywhere.
    3. You must also accept bestiality, because some people say they were born that way. It’s happening in Europe –>

    Warning – Do not tell God that the religious people said “you can be gay.” Remember religious people don’t have a Heaven or Hell for you.

  • Justace

    I’m waiting for the juicy details. When are the men going to come forward publicly (as in without a fake name) who can verify they had sex with McClurkin? That would end all of the speculations.

    McClurkin told his story, but I’m trying to figure out why no one has actually come forward yet. Michael Jackson was mentioned as having his genitalia described, but the jury said not guilty. Come on…give up the facts.

  • T.K

    I am 100% behind Donnie. God really can deliver people from the clutches of homosexuality. Think about it really, l mean deeply think about it, a man that wants to take the role of a woman, is that normal? A man that would leave a nice tight clean naturally lubed up pussy to stick his dick up a dudes smelly anus, well after that he’ll have to clean up all the shit that he would have dug out from a guys asshole, how disgusting. Gentlemen, this jus shows an extreme perversion, a perversion straight from hell to twist what God himself created. Strangely enough, the human race has fallen so hard we accept and actually celebrate such infidelities.
    And then there’s Barack Obama……….the is seathingly aganist gays why else would he have been part of donnies church so long without agreeing to the teachings of the church? Question……???? He is just the ordinary politician who will twist anyhow under pressure. Obama, this is my word to you, get rid of your banana backbone and be a man, stand for what you truly believe. Do not forget yor God Obama!!!

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