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  • chgo921

    It may just be me, but when I read your headline, I thought DP meant, um, something else became legal in Oregon.

  • l

    Also, a state court in NY has ruled that the state must honor gay marriages performed elsewhere. It is an interesting way to pry the door open. Could the case be made that not honoring gay marriages is discrimination against the foreign-born?

  • Mike

    My “man” and I are so friggin’ happy! Now he can be on my insurance, when he didn’t have any. Scary. He has a twisted sister who would take everything from me if something should happen to him. Now, I at least feel that we can protect each other.
    I’m proud of my beautiful state.
    We’re going to finally be a “legal” couple after 22 years!
    However, some “jesus” group in…ARIZONA is appealing it.
    Stay there! Don’t come to Oregon!

  • Bryan Boyd

    We’ve got a ton of coverage on this case as well as a great video from right after the ruling. What an amazing day to be an Oregonian!

    Video here:

  • Rick

    wow a republican bush appointed activist judge who really didn’t want to rule the way he did but kind of had to follow the law.

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