Drag Race‘s Carmen Carrera Comes Out As Trans On ABC’s What Would You Do

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On Friday’s episode of What Would You Do, ABC’s hidden cameras silently recorded as a waitress in a New Jersey got a hard time from a customer who couldn’t handle the fact that she was a trans woman.

“What the hell is the matter with you? Look at yourself! You’re a freak!”

The incident was a set-up, of course, to see how bystanders would react. The “customer” was played by an actor and the waitress was played by RuPaul‘s Drag Race Season 3 finalist Carmen Carrera, who used the show as a opportunity to announce publicly that she is indeed transgender.

“I am now in the long process of transitioning from male to female.” says Carrera, who famously appeared in a photo shoot for W magazine. “Transitioning is a life-changing decision. It’s empowering. I plan on finishing the long and risky hormone-replacement therapy process, while continuing my work in television and movies. I look forward to being a positive role model for the transgender community.”


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  • Cam

    It does make sense, Carmen seemed so much more into her feminine body, and seemed less of a show person than somebody who was more excited by the realness of what she could do.

    Good for her, she definitely has a headstart on realness.

  • Larkin

    I love you Carmen!

  • redcarpet

    Good for her! I kinda figured this when she said on drag race that she really wanted to have sex in drag.

    Suck for me though, I kinda thought Carmen was hot as a boy.

  • QJ201

    1) Like many a young trans girl, Carmen seemed obsessed with being viewed as “hot female” or in drag-speak, “fish.”

    2) Hope this disqualifies her from the All-Stars Edition. The only “talent” Carmen has is looking like a pretty female.

  • Darling Nikki

    @redcarpet Agree totally, very hot out of drag. Good for her.

  • Jawsch

    I still think she’s tacky and has a horrible attitude. She loves being nothing but drama, immaturity and shit-talking on Facebook about other Queens.

    Horray for her?

  • Gabby

    @Jawsch: She isnt tacky at all! I’ve met Carmen 3 times in LA and I have personally seen her interact more with her fans than any other queen from drag race. She is a sweetheart and a true inspiration for the community. I dont know what drama you are talking about, but I have her on my Facebook and all she does it write back to her fans and let us know whats going on in her life. India Ferrah was the only one talking shit about her. I think you are just a hater. You’ve probably never even met Carmen!

  • uh oh

    Not a surprise, but so happy for her.

    Much love Carmen – you are beautiful.

  • what?

    @Jawsch: i follow carmen on facebook and twitter. i don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    @Jawsch: #6 “I still think she’s tacky and has a horrible attitude. She loves being nothing but drama, immaturity and shit-talking on Facebook about other Queens.”

    Nothing is further from the truth. She ONLY talks about her husband, her step daughter, her shows and occasionally posts a public news story. Drama? LOL her Facebook and Tweets are actually boring as hell because of all the family stuff and pictures she posts every day.

    I think you’re confused with India Ferrah who attacked the entire drag world and caused mayhem in her now deleted “I’m quitting drag” post, and especially attacked Carmen for not announcing herself as trans quickly enough to suit her, wherein Carmen defended herself. And subsequently apologized to her fans for losing her temper.

    Of all The Heathers, Carmen has never been accused of being a drama queen or shit talker. The worst anyone ever said was untalented and boring. And compared to other people on tv, maybe she is, but her fans at Escos tip her from the moment she walks on the stage until she leaves it. Just like her ledgendary trans drag mother Angela Carrera.

  • Gabby

    @ScaryRussianHeather: I’ve been to many drag shows and Carmen’s entire illusion, beauty, and how put together she is, IS a talent in its own. Shes like the burlesque of drag. People knock her for being beautiful, but then again how many male born drag queens, tranny or not, look the way she does and present themselves like her. Not many. There are certain audiences who think drag is about dancing or being comedic. I dont think its true. There are many more comedic dancy drag queens than stunning beautiful showgirls. Open your minds to other forms of drag people! The Heathers are amazing!

  • n900mixalot

    Carmen is a positive role model for more than just the trans community. She had her moments on that show but there is a light inside of her that is unfaltering. It will be interesting to see how wise and caring a person she will become.

    Venus [Born] as a Boy

  • n900mixalot

    @ScaryRussianHeather: And that heather bullsh*t was lame from the GIT. It was just an excuse to marginalize other contestants and I honestly dont think Carmen bought into it for a moment.

  • Katie

    Even though it’s been obvious for awhile to anyone who follows Carmen on facebook, i’m still really proud of her for ‘coming out’. I don’t see what the edited version of her behavior on a reality tv show has to do with this.

    Also, it’s nice to see that even though there are a lot of bigots in this world, there are some decent people who don’t just stare at their feet when others are being harassed. We need to take care of our fellow human beings.

  • Daez

    She is very beautiful, and seems very sweet from the clip. Even if she is responding to an actor, she seems to respond with style and grace to a question she probably gets way to often. I would not want to be trans. Being trans is probably harder than being gay. Having to respond from haters on both sides of the aisle is just ridiculous. Let her be who she wants to be. This is America, a country that was founded on freedom and justice for ALL, not just for those that we feel the most comfortable with.

  • Frederick

    I always liked Carmen in Season 3 of “Drag Race”. Best of luck in your transition!

  • Skylar Nieuwenhuis

    Carmen is so gorgeous. I have a huge crush on her, lol. She’s so damn sexy.
    If only she would go lesbian for me for a day…or two….maybe a month xD

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