DVD: “ErOddity(s) 2,” “Cut Snake,” “Guidance,” “Sand Dollars,” & More!


Smoldering hunks (Cut Snake, above), crazy former child actors, and lesbians in love feature in this week’s home entertainment offerings.

Let’s dive right in, starting with a sort of gay erotic Twilight Zone-styled anthology, shall we?


Errodity(s) 2

($24.99 DVD; TLA)

Director Steve Vasquez follows up his 2014 anthology of sexy supernatural tales featuring hot young twinks with this second even edgier outing of scares and skin. In “The Audition,” a beguiling Texan lad shows up to grant wish fulfillment for a wannabe actor; “The Private War of Joseph Sargent” sees a pair of mercenaries captured in South America by a diabolical warlord and reveal secrets from their lives back home: and “The Caretaker of Cook County” a necrophiliac cemetery caretaker goes to extreme lengths to satisfy his cravings for (deceased) flesh. Don’t you feel dirty already?


Cut Snake

($26.99 DVD; Monterey Media)

Ben Carson would love this Aussie import about a recently released ex-con who attempts to get back his prison boyfriend from the guy’s new girlfriend. Hunky, ultra-butch Sullivan Stapleton (300: Rise of an Empire) plays Pommie, who carried on a LTR in the clink with Merv, whose prison past and manslaughter charges are totally unknown to his current girlfriend, Paula. Merv, of course, still has feelings for Pommie, but isn’t about to let go of his new “straight” life, which Pommie is genuinely stung by, and from there this queer love triangle sets off dangerous sparks. Director Tony Ayres, of 2002’s LGBT title Walking On Water, delivers a superbly acted and nuanced — and yes, a bit violent — 1970’s-set drama here.



($24.99 DVD; Strand)

After getting his start as a child actor on Nickelodeon’s famed You Can’t Do That On Television, Pat Mills has now turned auteur with this demented writer-director-starring debut feature comedy. Mills draws some inspiration from his life playing David Gold, a has-been child star now in his 30s and barely able to find work… and deeply in denial over his being gay to boot. Grasping at straws for a higher calling, and a paycheck, he decides to “help teenagers” by posing as a guidance counselor and gets hired by a principal desperate to fill the position. Cue the zany antics, bad behavior, and surprising humanity! A truly delicious debut from Mills, who is interviewed in the DVD extras.


Sand Dollars

($24.99 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

In this Dominican Republic-set drama, Geraldine Chaplin (yes, Charlie’s daughter) turns in an awards-worthy performance as Anne, an elderly lesbian smitten with 20-year-old Noeli, a de facto sex worker who makes a living off tourists. Like those tourists, Anne has been giving Noeli money while also dangling a French visa in her face. While both women seem to be in this relationship for personal gain, using their respective advantages — money in Anne’s case, youth in Noeli’s — and that it’s not going to last, there may be something deeper going on… Extras include interviews, behind the scenes footage, and a short film.




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Inside Amy Schumer: Season 3


American Ultra


No Escape



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