DVD: “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “Lose Your Head,” “1 Last Chance At Paradise,” & More!


Dang, there are some long titles going on in home entertainment this week – and loads of queerness, too!

Wes Anderson’s art-directed-to-the-hilt delight, The Grand Budapest Hotel, leads the charge, while gritty Berlin is setting for sexy queer thriller Lose Your Head (above).

LGBT politicians share their stories in documentary Breaking Through, and a gay couple chronicle their final days together in the largely cell-phone shot 1 Last Chance at Paradise.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

($39.99 Blu-ray, $29.98 DVD; 20th Century Fox)

Director Wes Anderson tops himself yet again with this delectable eye candy confection about the loopy goings-ons of the staff and guests at a European hotel. Ralph Fiennes stars as bisexual Concierge Gustav F., who is accused of a countess’ (Tilda Swinton) murder. The pace is brisk, the visuals chock full of detail and movement, and the cast — which includes Jude Law, Bill Murray, F. Murray Abraham, Willem Dafoe, Edward Norton, and many more — a dream. Extras include a handful of brief featurettes, including one hosted by Bill Murray, and trio of vignettes.

Lose Your Head

($24.95 DVD; Canteen Outlaws)

Freshly single, gay Spaniard Luis decides to lick his wounds – or let someone else lick them — while on vacation in Berlin, where he finds plenty of distraction in the club scene. However, when he’s mistaken for a missing Greek student he resembles more than just a bit, Luis’ vacation turns into something much more along the lines of Alice’s rabbit hole.


Breaking Through

($19.99 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

Director Cindy Abel spotlights the stories and struggles of our LGBT elected officials, including recently retired Massachusetts U.S. House of Representatives member Barney Frank and the first openly gay US Senator, Tammy Baldwin. Extras include a music video and “Filmmakers Journey” featurette.


1 Last Chance At Paradise

($19.95 DVD; Live Wire)

This lo-fi, largely cellphone-shot drama chronicles a young gay British couple’s final days.




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