Dying Gay Man In Ohio Should’ve Married A Woman If He Wants A Spouse, Says Linda Harvey

linda harveyThere is no discrimination or inequality, either of these men could be married to a woman. Can marriage just be what anyone thinks it is? Here’s a possible analogy. Sophie wants to be a doctor, she’s never gone to medical school but in her mind she’s qualified to treat patients, even perform surgery. But the law only allows the practice of medicine by those who have attended medical school, passed the state board exams and so on. But isn’t this unequal protection? Aren’t Sophie’s fantasies valid? She believes she should be allowed to practice medicine therefore the requirements to be a licensed MD are unconstitutional for her.”


— Linda Harvey, the ever-sympathetic religious right activist and founder of conservative org Mission America, in reference to the Ohio-based couple Jim Obergefell and John Arthur, who married in Maryland, due to terminal illness