An emergency room nurse from TriHealth hospital in Cincinatti, Ohio has been suspended from her job after having a transphobic, homophobic meltdown on Facebook over tampons.

Cindy Carter took to Facebook last week to voice her outrage over Procter & Gamble going gender neutral by removing the female “Venus” symbol from its packaging on its ‘Always’ menstrual products.

““F*ck ‘Always.’ This country has gone to complete sh*t,” Carter raged. “Women have periods, men don’t.”

“Why do certain applications ask for LEGAL SEX … you’re either male or female. There’s no f*cking in between. Jesus people – get your heads on straight. Grab a mirror – it’s easy. You either have a d*ck or you don’t.”

She continued, “I swear, these f*cking c*ck sucking homos think that they deserve everything. And the confused woman are just as bad. Men need to be men. Women need to be women. Stop the stupid ass ‘man buns’ and man you buns up to do some hard labor.”

When gay city councilman Chris Seelbach saw the rant, he took a screenshot and shared it on Facebook, along with the caption: “Cindy Carter is a nurse at TriHealth. As an LGBTQ+ person, I don’t feel comfortable using TriHealth’s services until I know a person who thinks I’m a ‘fucking cock sucking homo’ would ever treat me. Until TriHealth terminates the employment of Cindy Carter, I will not be using their services. #BoycottTriHealth”

It didn’t take long for TriHealth to snap into action. The hospital almost immediately placed Carter on administrative leave and launched an investigation into the matter.

Local news station WCPO reports:

The nurse at the center of the controversy was suspended for her own safety and that of others, according to an official TriHealth statement. She did not respond to requests for comment. An investigation is ongoing. In an internal memo, TriHealth wrote that every patient is entitled to reliable and compassionate care.

Yesterday, Seelback took to Facebook to thank TriHealth for stepping up, tweeting: “Thanks to @TriHealth for putting Cindy Carter on administrative leave. That’s a good first step. No one who thinks I am a ‘f*cking c*ck sucking homo’ and that transgender people don’t exist should be treating patients.”

Carter has not issued any comment on the matter.

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