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European Union’s Empty Threats Over Lithuania’s Gay Book Ban


European’s Parliament voted to “condemn” Lithuania’s new “no gay propaganda” law, which takes effect in March and bans books and movies from mentioning anything homo. Some 349 members voted for the resolution; 218 voted against. Not that the resolution really does anything right now. It just points out how the law violates the European Unions anti-discrimination laws, which didn’t really take a vote to make clear, but hey, voting is fun!

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  • Ryder

    Yep, Europeans are all so tolerant.

    Just imagine the volume of responses had this been an article about similar homophobia in a non-white country.

  • PaulMc

    Not sure what the article or Ryder’s response is meant to mean. The vote now allows the Commission to take further action such as evaluating whether the Lithuania law breaks any EU laws on anti-discrimination. It’s an escalating path that has now been initiated. The EU is much much weaker as a ‘federal’ govt than the US – but at least it has a means of censure, however prolonged, against moves such as this law.

    Ryder, explain yourself. Surely you’re not trying to argue the US is so much tolerant? Gay marriage is legal in many European countries. Many others have extensive partnership rights and protections granted to gay couples. All EU military allow gay people to serve openly. I needn’t go further – you get my point.

  • Tallskin

    Paul Mc

    no, Ryder was trying to imply that we, white european and yank gays, are inherantly racist and make a fuss over black homophobia cos of this, whereas we don’t when white countries are homophobic.

  • tavdy79

    @PaulMc: That assumes it’s specifically EU law that’s been broken; it’s possible for Lithuania to be in breach of it’s EU obligations without being in breach of specific EU legislation, by being in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. All EU states must be members of the Council of Europe, a separate, larger organisation whose members must comply with the Convention. The Lithuanian law is undoubtedly in breach of the Convention (specifically articles 9, 10 & 11) however as far as I know the EU cannot enforce the Convention; that can only be done by the European Court of Human Rights, an agency of the Council of Europe.

  • rudy

    Let the Russians retake them, the miserable nazis.

  • Cedric

    @rudy: that has to be the funniest thing I have heard this week.
    oh and yeah, damn racism and Lithuania, etc.

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