Ever Wonder Why You Fall For The People You Do? Here’s A First Step To Finding The Answer

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.01.37 AMWe throw out all sorts of words to describe meeting the person who you wind up falling in love with — sparks, chemistry, magic, etc.

But have you ever wondered why it is you’re drawn towards the people you find attractive? And not just physically attractive, but that funny little trigger that goes off when you meet someone new and you think “I feel like I already know this person”?

In part one of a four-part video series, out New York therapist Matthew Dempsey explores this topic by first sharing his own very relatable experience — meeting that special someone, experiencing a blissful “honeymoon phase,” then feeling reality sink in.

But as he puts it, being aware of why we’re drawn to the people that we are gives us the tools to work through issues that arise in any relationship, be that the one with your partner or the one with yourself.

Here’s the video:

H/t: HuffPo