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Everyone Look At The Homosexual ‘White Obama’ Who Might Replace Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi

Just like when it covers women politicians, the Washington Post leads with a description of what Gov. Nichi Vendola, governor of Italy’s Apulia region, was wearing: “a gray checked suit, purple paisley scarf and glittering black shoes strapped with Velcro. From his left ear hung a sparkling diamond hoop given to him by his partner, Ed. Around his left thumb he wore a gold band, the gift of a southern fisherman upon winning his first shock-the-establishment election.” A gay Catholic, Vendola might just be the man who succeeds , the sexually active prime minister whose country is quickly losing faith in him. Not that Vendola, who already has been bestowed the nickname “the white Obama,” has the support of Berlusconi’s administration, of course. WaPo: “An aide close to Berlusconi, granted anonymity to reflect the prime minister’s thinking on the matter, said Berlusconi didn’t believe that culturally Catholic Italy would ever elect a gay leader.” To be fair, Berlusconi does believe “it’s better to like beautiful girls than to be gay.”